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Lower South

August, 2010
Regional Report

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch!

Maintain a covering of mulch over the soil in garden and landscape beds. Mulch protects the soil surface from crusting, reduces erosion, moderates soil temperature and shaded out weed seeds, greatly reducing the need for weeding later.

Keep Roses Healthy

Roses will soon be providing their fall bloom show. Keep the bushes vigorous with adequate watering and light fertilizations to prepare them for their fall blooming show. Protect foliage from diseases and insect pests as healthy leaves are needed to for good bloom production later.

Prepare Soil For Fall Planting

Prepare soil for cool season veggies and flowers now. Plants do much better when compost is added and soil is prepared for planting ahead of time. As a general guide add an inch of compost to the soil every time you transition from one annual planting to another. Then rototill or spade it in.

Plant Beans and Squash

The time for planting most warm season crops is past, but you can still get in a late planting of green beans and summer squash to allow time for a harvest before the first fall frost.

Water Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are setting fruit buds for next spring. A weekly soaking when it has not rained for 7-10 days will help keep them healthy and vigorous. Peaches will produce more malformed fruit if subjected to drought when buds are forming in late summer to early fall.


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