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Lower South

August, 2010
Regional Report

Rejuvenate Buddleias

Buddleias (Butterfly Bush) can start looking ragged after a heavy bloom cycle or when mite populations build up. Cut the plant back by one third to one half and water the soil around the plants well. Then blast the foliage with a strong water spray from beneath the plants to dislodge mites. Repeat the water blasts every two or three days for a week or two. The plants will quickly regrow and be beautiful and back in bloom soon.

Plant Fall Potatoes

This is the time to plant potatoes for fall harvest. Small whole potatoes from the spring crop tend to not rot as badly as cut "seed" pieces. If you have to cut a larger potato into pieces for planting, dust the cut surface with sulfur and allow it to dry for 2 or 3 days before planting.

Plant Fall Flowers

This is a great time to plant marigolds, petunias, zinnias and other warm season annuals for a spectacular fall display. They will take off fast if provided adequate water, and bloom very well as fall temperatures cool things off outdoors, right on up to the first freeze.

Have Soil Analyzed

This is a good time to take soil samples for testing in new garden area and those that have not been tested in a few years. Soil testing provides the guide for good plant nutrition and help prevent unnecessary fertilizer applications.

Hold Off On Fertilizing Turf

Hold back on lawn fertilizing during the summer months. The clippings will feed the turf. Extra nitrogen can result in rapid growth and the need for extra water too keep the grass going. The next application will be in early to mid October to prepare the tufgrass for winter and for strong spring greenup.


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