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Lower South

November, 2010
Regional Report

Plant Perennial Herbs

Fall is a great time to set out perennial herbs in our southern gardens. Thyme, oregano, rosemary, pineapple sage, parsley, lemon balm, Mexican mint marigold and are among the herbs best suited to fall planting in the south. Always work a few inches of compost into the soil prior to planting.

Purchase Bulbs for Forcing Indoors

A great way to brighten up a dreary indoor winter day is with flowering bulbs. Many types are suitable for indoor forcing including narcissus, paperwhites, and amaryllis. Most can be set in a shallow tray of pebbles, or planted in a small container filled with potting soil. Some even do well in a "bulb glass", made to hold a single bulb and filled with water.

Prepare Soil Now for the Spring Garden

Prepare soil for spring planting now while the soil is still workable. In spring it is often too rainy to bet in and start an early garden. Work in a few inches of compost and build raised planting beds for better drainage and faster warm up in spring.

Fall Strawberry Planting In the South

Fall planted strawberries have a head start on spring. Get them in soon to allow them time to grow and set fruit buds for a bumper crop in March and April. They detest "wet feet," so work some compost into the soil and build raised beds for optimum drainage.

Harvest Tomatoes and Peppers Before First Fall Frost

Pick tomatoes and peppers prior to the first frost. Peppers can be eaten immature, even if very small. Tomato fruits that have reached a mature green stage will continue to ripen indoors on the kitchen counter. Less mature green fruit won't.


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