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Southern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

November, 2010
Regional Report

Where To Plant Garlic & Onions?

Plant garlic, shallots, and bulb onions where they won't get water next May and June, so they'll dry out before harvest in late June and July.

Larger Onions

You'll get larger onion bulbs that won't bolt in early spring if you sow seed or transplant seedlings now. Store-bought sets- little baby bulblets about half an inch wide--are often left on display indoors where temperatures are too warm for too long, and they frequently bolt during the first spring warmth. If you do purchase onion sets, plant the ones that are smaller than a dime for next year's bulbs, and plant the larger ones to use for green onions through the winter, since these will bolt and set seed instead of bulbing in spring.

Strawberry Planting

Transplant strawberries now so they'll develop sturdy root systems over the winter, ready to burst into lush foliage and heavy fruit set in the spring. Dig in lots of manure and compost first, to feed roots over the winter and through the summer.

Colorful Cabbage & Kale

Plant colorful ornamental cabbage and kale for vibrantly rich reds, blues, and purples to accentuate other garden colors all winter long.

Holiday Trimmings

Prune to shape evergreens like arborvitae, juniper, magnolia, pines, pittosporum, and spruce. This is a great way to get trimmings for holiday decorations while manicuring the plants. But, don't let your zeal for snipping spread to pruning spring-blooming shrubs, or you'll cut off the blooms (they form on new wood); instead, prune after blooming is done.


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