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Southern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

December, 2010
Regional Report

Pick As You Eat

Leave citrus fruit on the trees until they're needed. Many varieties become sweeter the longer they're left on the tree. When all the fruit is picked, spray the tree with a dormant oil spray.

Discontinue Nitrogen Feeding

This will begin hardening plants off for cold weather. You want to discourage new growth that will be tender and susceptible to frost damage.

More Bulb Planting

Plant more spring-blooming bulbs early this month, and save some to plant from mid-February through mid-March for extended bloom through late spring.

Feed with Potassium & Phosphorus for Spring Bloom

Feed shrubs and trees that will bloom in January and February. If azalea and gardenia foliage is light or yellowish-green, water plants with a solution of chelated iron, which will "unlock" the nitrogen.

Frost Protection for Shrubs

Support coverings away from foliage with stakes to prevent conducting the cold directly to the leaves and freezing them.


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