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Southern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

February, 2011
Regional Report

Get Bareroot Plants in the Ground

This is the last month to plant bareroot fruit trees, berries, grapes, and vines, including strawberries if you didn't get them in last fall.

Protect the Soil When Transplanting

With our wonderful rain, care must be taken when transplanting or incorporating amendments. Gently move soil and fluff it when digging and settling in the plants. Don't stomp on the soil or otherwise compact it, since this will push out the tiny air pockets that the roots depend on to get their breathing spaced!

Prevent Damping-off

Damping-off of seedlings can be prevented by watering several times with chamomile tea. Steep one tablespoon of dried chamomile in six cups of boiling water. Cool to lukewarm or cool before using.

Plant Spring Bloomers

For continuous bloom later this spring, plant a selection of anemones, gladiolus, ranunculus, and tigridias every two weeks through March.

Get Weeds While They're Tiny

Pull weeds now, when they're small and before they form extensive root systems, flowers, or seeds. Watering the area to be weeded the day before the job will soften the soil and ease the removal of the weed's entire root system, preventing resprouting. This is one kind of recycling you don't want in your garden!


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