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Western Mountains and High Plains

February, 2011
Regional Report

Peruse Garden Catalogs

When the cold has you down, gather up the seed catalogs and relax by a warm fire to dream. Anything new you want to try in your garden? Remember, order seeds early to avoid disappointment since new varieties sell out fast.

Protect Crocus

The first crocus will pop up this month. Birds are fond of the blossoms. Prevent damage to the flowers by covering with bird netting over the beds. If that won't do, share their beauty with the vagaries of nature.

Purchase Bargain Potting Soil

It won't be long before you can start to plant cool-tolerant annuals in containers. Look for bargains on quality potting soil left over from last year's stock. Don't use garden soil in containers or pots as this is too heavy and doesn't drain well.

Care for Valentine's Day Plants

Keep the gift plants from Valentine's Day in cool locations. Potted tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, cyclamen, and azaleas will keep their blooms longer when kept on the cool side. Water sparingly, only as the potting mix dries.

Take Cuttings

Now is a good time to make cuttings from overwintering geraniums, begonias, and other summer-flowering plants. Make each cutting just below a leaf or bud, about four to five inches in length. Root in sterilized potting mix.


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