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Pacific Northwest

March, 2011
Regional Report

Brush Away Mulch

When bulbs and perennials show signs of new growth, brush away any mulch to give them room to grow.

Cut Back Ornamental Grasses

Cut back ornamental grasses and remove old foliage from perennials. Be sure to leave any fresh green growth that might be starting at the bases of the plants.

Take Care of Indoor Seedlings

Seeds need constant supervision as they germinate and grow. Keep the growing media moist but not soggy wet; place a fan near the seedlings to keep the air moving and prevent damping off. Supplemental lighting should be on 12-14 hours per day.

Monitor Houseplants

Check all five growing factors if your house plants are not growing well: light, temperature, nutrients, moisture, and humidity must be favorable to encourage healthy growth.

Plant Cool-season Crops

Cool season vegetables and flowers can be planted this month. Radishes, peas, leaf lettuces, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and sweet peas can go into the ground now.


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