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Western Mountains and High Plains

March, 2011
Regional Report

Reset Lily Bulbs

As the soil thaws, transplant lily bulbs that aren't performing well. These bulbs are delicate so be careful when lifting the clumps. Lift with plenty of soil and carefully pull bulbs apart. Keep firm, healthy bulbs, and replant in good soil.

Hose Off Garden Furniture

Inspect and clean up patio and porch furniture to see if any are in need of repairs. Hose off wicker furniture to keep the strands of wicker pliable.

Complete Fruit Tree Pruning

Each type of fruit tree has a specific method of pruning. Pruning is an easy task if you are experienced. If you're new to the task, study the subject in books or online or get help and experience from one who knows.

Clean up Perennial Beds

Gradually begin the cleanup of the perennial bed or border. This can be a dirty, dusty chore so wear a dust mask, safety glasses, and hat. Don't uncover plants completely as sudden temperature swings can damage new growth.

Renovate Muddy Pathways

Get rid of that muddy path that is the shortcut from here to there. Make it a hard surface with flagstone, concrete pavers, gravel, crushed rock, or shredded tree prunings.


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