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Western Mountains and High Plains

March, 2011
Regional Report

Inspect Trees and Shrubs

Look over your evergreens for winter browning, and check deciduous shrubs and trees for branches that may have died. Prune out dead growth, don't shear evergreens, and thin deciduous trees and shrubs.

Rake Leaves

If you didn't rake and remove leaves from the fruit garden last fall, do so now. Old leaves and fallen fruit can still harbor insects and diseases that may cause problems for this year's crop.

Thicken the Lawn

Aerate with a core-aerator to help thicken growth of your lawn. Lawns that grow thicker are less prone to weed invasions. Fertilize with an organic-based lawn fertilizer after aeration.

Over-Seed Thin Spots on Lawns

If thin areas of the lawn leave it open to invasion by crabgrass, now is the time to over-seed with a good grass seed. Select the type that matches your lawn grass. Sow by lightly raking in seeds and covering with clean straw.

Repot Houseplants

As the weather warms, take root-bound houseplants outdoors in a semi-sunny location and repot them in fresh potting mix. A light pruning of roots will invigorate plants. Clean out dead stems and foliage.


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