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Pacific Northwest

April, 2011
Regional Report

Over-seed your Lawn

Over-seed your lawn this month. Mow the lawn first, then broadcast the grass seed. Water well after to move the seeds down to soil level.

Tidy Up the Water Garden

Clean your water garden by clearing out the debris at the bottom and adding it to your compost pile. Start feeding the fish again when water temperatures reach 50F and the fish are active.

Plant Glads

To extend the blooming period of gladiolus, plant early-, mid-, and late-season varieties each week from now until the middle of June. Choose a sunny location and plant the corms four to six inches deep and six to eight inches apart.

Celebrate Arbor Day

The last Friday in April is National Arbor Day. Plant a tree, or support an organization which does.

Move Overwintered Plants Outdoors

Take wintered-over fuchsias and geraniums out of hiding. Cut them back (down to the rim of the container, if in a hanging basket). Lift them out of the container and repot with fresh soil; there's no need to change containers as long as the plant isn't root-bound. Feed with an organic, slow-release fertilizer.


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