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Western Mountains and High Plains

April, 2011
Regional Report

Wage War on Weeds

As new weed seedlings emerge, get out there and hand pull or dig them out. Recycle annual weeds that haven't gone to seed to the compost pile or pit so they add a bit of green matter. But keep weeds that can resprout from perennial roots or rhizomes, like quackgrass, out of the compost pile.

Plant New Asparagus Crowns

Be on the lookout for new asparagus crowns at the garden centers. It's a great time to plant new crowns. Plant them in trenches about six inches deep. Gradually fill in the trench with soil as the plants begin growth.

Start Tomato and Pepper Seeds

Use a good seeding mixture to start your favorite varieties of tomatoes and peppers. They need at least six weeks to grow and acclimate before planting outdoors. Keep the germinated seedlings in bright, high quality light.

Plant Bare Root Roses

My favorite way of getting and planting roses is the bare root way. They're less expensive and just as good as potted ones. Roots adapt to your local soil more easily with less transplant shock. Buy those that are budded, avoiding fully leafed out plants with weak, yellow growth.

Start Annual Flowers

If you want to grow zinnias, asters, marigolds, and dahlias from seed, start them indoors now. Like tomatoes, they take six weeks to grow to transplant size. Provide good light and air circulation.


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