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Northern & Central Midwest

April, 2011
Regional Report

Plant Easter Lily Outdoors

To move an Easter lily outdoors, remove the flowers as soon as they are finished. Keep the plant in bright light until the night temperatures stay above forty degrees. Plant it in a partially sunny spot with well drained soil. Plant the bulb about six inches deep and mulch well.

Purchase Easter Lilies Carefully

Purchase Easter lilies with flowers just opened. Check the base for yellowed leaves. Protect the lily from the cold when transporting, and move it into a room that will stay at about seventy degrees during the day and around fifty degrees at night. Warmer temperatures will make it deteriorate quickly.

Test Your Soil

Test your soil before planting. Use a home test kit or send a sample off to the state lab. Collect a small trowel full of soil from several locations around your garden, mix it in a bucket and the take about a cup of soil for testing. Contact your county Extension office for information on where to send in a sample.

Don't Bring Home Pests

Avoid bringing in pests and pathogens by buying plants locally if possible. Check out greenhouses, garden centers, and farmers' markets and ask questions. Also, starting plants from seed will avoid some of the problems you may find on bedding plants and vegetables brought in from other places.

Leave Paper Wasp Nests to Enjoy

Paper wasp nests are evident now while the leaves are still quite young. Happily, there are no live wasps left in these nests. You can remove them from the trees, or you can simply leave them as ornaments and enjoy them while you can see them. Wasps will not return to old nests.


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