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Pacific Northwest

April, 2011
Regional Report

Feed Roses

Roses are heavy feeders and will appreciate being fed early this month. Plan to feed every three weeks throughout the growing season with a slow-release fertilizer, according to package directions.

Pinch Mums

To encourage bushy growth and lots of flowers later in the season, pinch out the tips of the stems on your mums. While you're at it, pinch back asters and other tall late-summer bloomers by about one-third. They'll be sturdier and flower more than unpinched plants.

Move Houseplants Outdoors

Once the weather has warmed you can move your houseplants outdoors. Choose a shady spot in the garden. This is also a good time to repot, if needed, and to fertilize in anticipation of their summer growth spurt.

Use Compost

Harvest the finished compost at the bottom of your compost pile and work it into the soil as you plant this month. Then turn the compost pile, breaking up any masses of debris that are stuck together. Composted plant debris will decompose faster when it is chopped into small pieces. I run over the material with the lawn mower before adding it to the pile.

Plant Flowers for Dried Arrangements

Consider planting flowers you can dry for winter arrangements. Some of the best include strawflower, statice, celosia, and globe amaranth.


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