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Lower South

June, 2011
Regional Report

Water New Shrubs and Trees

Woody ornamentals that were planted from last fall through this spring still have a very limited root system and are easily stressed or killed during their first critical summer. Now that the weather is warming up it is critical to keep the soil around them moist with regular deep soakings.

Fertilize Container Flowers

A little boost of fertilizer every week or two can get a new container flower planting growing strong and blooming well. Use a dilute fertilizer solution or a slow release product for gradual feeding over time.

Plant Hot Weather Greens

There are a few greens that can take a hot southern summer. Malabar, water spinach (or kangkong), molokhia (sometimes called Egyptian spinach), vegetable amaranth, and vegetable purslane can all be planted in warm weather if provided adequate watering. They help keep some green vegetables coming after hot weather sets in.

Plant Caladiums

Caladiums love warm weather and can add a big splash of color to shady areas. It's not too late to plant them now, to add some pizzazz to those shady areas of the landscape. Keep them well watered, especially during the first few weeks after planting.

Water Lawns Deeply

Turfgrass does best with a good soaking once a week. Use a rain gauge to see how long you need to water to apply an inch of irrigation. That will soak the soil deeply and keep the grass strong during the interim drying time.


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