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Lower South

June, 2011
Regional Report

Check Drip Irrigation

It is a good idea to check your drip irrigation lines periodically to look for clogged emitters that may be leaving your plants thirsty or holes in the line that result in wasting water.

Watch for Stink Bugs

Stink bugs and their cousins, leaf-footed bugs, can do significant damage to tomatoes and other garden vegetables as well as fruit. Early detection and treatment is helpful in stopping these pests before they do their dirty work. Better yet, learn what their egg clusters look like and be ready to destroy them as you are going about tending the plants.

Mow High In Shady Areas

The taller you set your mower blade, the more grass leaf will be left to capture the little sunlight that makes it down to the turf under a spreading tree. The area will look greener and have a better chance of maintaining a good cover when light levels are marginal.

Trim Back Petunias

We have many wonderful petunias that spread and provide color from spring to early summer. You can extend the bloom season further by trimming them back by about a third, followed by fertilizing and watering to stimulate new growth and blooms.

Trade Out Plants in Color Containers

If you have a large container with a combination of plants and one or two are about spent, pull them and replant summer-tough annuals in their place. Containers are a great way to add color to outdoor areas. Keep the color coming with some new bloomers.


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