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Western Mountains and High Plains

June, 2011
Regional Report

Mulch Flowers and Vegetables

Continue to apply mulch around flowers and vegetables to keep the plant root systems cool and retain moisture. A layer of mulch two to three inches deep will also help suppress weed growth. I like to use a natural cedar mulch that helps repels many pests.

Plant More Vegetables

Now is a good time to plant a second crop of beans, beets, carrots, and chard. Successive plantings help space out your harvest and allow you to enjoy harvests at their peak over a longer period of time. Check dates to maturity on the seed packet to time your plantings.

Fertilize Container Gardens

Frequent watering leaches nutrients out of the soil so it is essential to supply nutrients to container gardens throughout the growing season. Use a fertilizer higher in phosphate (the middle number) of the three nutrients listed on the label.

Support Plants

Stake indeterminate tomato plants and set up trellises to support pole beans and Oriental cucumbers. This will help with air circulation, increase production, and make harvest easier. I make stakes from sturdy willow stems, and they're free!

Protect Cherry Trees

As the fruit begins to ripen, cover cherry trees with protective bird netting. Be sure to tie around the trunk to prevent birds from entering beneath. You can also build a wood frame to support the netting if you're growing dwarf trees.


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