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Lower South

June, 2011
Regional Report

Set Mower Blades High

Set the mower blade higher in these hot months and mow weekly to keep your turf dense and deeply rooted. Mowing at short heights results in shallower rooting depth and a lawn more prone to drought stress.

Choose Foliage for Hanging Baskets in Shade

Create combination foliage baskets with caladiums, dwarf ivy, pothos, and other shade loving plants to hang beneath trees for added interest in the summer months. Water regularly to maintain moist growing medium and fertilize every few weeks.

Control Squash Bugs and Vine Borers

Squash plants are plagued by vine borers and squash bugs in the summer. Regular inspections and hand removal can prevent a loss of your plants. Watering will cause the squash bugs to come out of the mulch at the base of plants so you can capture and destroy them. Split borer infested vines lengthwise to destroy the borer larvae feeding inside.

Trim Blackberries

Blackberries canes (upright shoots) emerge from the ground and grow without producing the first year. Then they go through winter and bear fruit the second year. Prune off new blackberry canes at waist to chest high to encourage more branching for increased production next year.

Stop Bermudagrass ASAP

Bermudagrass is a fast invader of our vegetable gardens and flower beds. If you let it go uncontrolled it will quickly become an overwhelming problem. Early spraying or digging is important to keep it under control with the minimal amount of herbicide or labor!


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