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Lower South

August, 2011
Regional Report

Start Broccoli and Cauliflower Transplants

Plant seeds of broccoli and cauliflower in transplant trays in a cool indoor location for setting out in the garden next month. When seedlings emerge, give them lots of light, and as they grow move them outdoors to a bright shady spot

Amend Soil for Fall Flowers and Vegetables

Now is a good time to amend garden beds that will be planted in the fall. Mix an inch of compost into the top six inches of soil, and cover the bed with leaves or other mulch materials. This way the soil will be well prepared and weed-free when you get ready to plant the fall flowers or vegetables.

Plant Potatoes

Plant fall garden potatoes now to allow time for growth and tuber production before the first frost arrives. It is better to use whole, small potatoes rather than cut pieces during this time of the year because cut pieces are very prone to rotting in the warm soil.

Water Spring Blooming Fruit Trees

Peaches, pears, apples, plums and other spring blooming fruit trees are setting their buds for next year's bloom. When rainfall isn't adequate to keep the soil moist, provide supplemental irrigation weekly to keep the trees healthy and insure a good fruit set for the upcoming harvest season.

Check for Chinch Bugs in Turf

The second, and most damaging, annual generation of chinch bugs occurs about this time of the summer. Turf areas that look dry despite watering should be checked for these small (1/8") black and white insects. When significant populations threaten to kill area of your lawn, spot treat these areas rather than treating the entire lawn.


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