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Pacific Northwest

September, 2011
Regional Report

Remove Flower Stalks on Onions

Pinch off onion flower buds from the top of the plants to direct all of the plant's energy into the developing bulb instead of seed production.

Harvest Flowers

Use garden shears or a sharp knife to cut flowers for indoor arrangements. This will lessen injury to the growing plant and help the flowers last longer. Make a slanting cut to expose a larger absorbing surface to water and to prevent the base of the stem from resting on the bottom of the vase. I carry a bucket of water to the garden when I collect flowers, immediately plunging the stems into the water after cutting.

Monitor Container Plants

Since container-grown plants have a limited area from which to absorb water, plants in a sunny location may require watering several times a week. Check plants often to avoid water stress.

Extend the Life of Annuals

You can root cuttings from annual bedding plants such as begonias, coleus, geraniums, and impatiens this month to overwinter in a sunny window. You'll can plant them outdoors next spring and get a jump-start on next year's garden.

Be Patient with your Lawn

If your lawn is turning brown despite regular watering, it's probably going dormant. Cool season grasses thrive in the spring and fall months but rest during the dog days of summer. It will green up again next month.


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