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Pacific Northwest

September, 2011
Regional Report

Plant Fall Colors

Selecting accent plants for your landscape that provide autumn colors will give your garden a late-season boost. Trees that have red fall color include flowering dogwood, red maple, sugar maple, Norway maple, and scarlet oak. Shrubs with red fall foliage include sumac, viburnum, winged euonymus and barberry.

Stop Feeding

Allow your plants to finish the summer growth cycle in a normal manner. Never encourage growth with heavy applications of fertilizer or excessive pruning at this time of the year. Feeding or pruning now will delay their dormancy process; new growth can be injured by an early freeze.

Remove Volunteer Seedlings

If pesky seedlings of woody plants, such as elm, cherry, or maple pop up in your yard, remove them as soon as possible. If left too long they will take over your lawn, garden, and other landscape plantings.

Save Seeds of Favorite Annuals

Save seeds from favorite open pollinated, non-hybrid flowers such as marigolds by allowing the flower heads to mature. Lay seeds on newspaper and turn them often to dry. Store the dry seeds in glass jars or envelopes in a cool, dry, dark place.

Harvest Hot Peppers

Hot peppers will keep best if stored after they are dry. Thread the peppers on a string and hang to dry in a cool, dry place.


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