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Pacific Northwest

October, 2011
Regional Report

Water Early in the Day

Help avoid plant diseases by watering in the morning so the leaves have a chance to dry out during the day. Better yet, apply water to the soil rather than on the plants themselves.

Move Houseplants Indoors

Move your houseplants back indoors late this month. To lessen stress, move them gradually by putting them indoors overnight and back outdoors during the day, lengthening the time they remain indoors by a few hours each day. By the end of a week they should be spending 24 hours inside.

Overseed Lawns

October is one of the best months to seed your lawn. This includes both seeding a new lawn and overseeding an established lawn to help it thicken up. You can lime, fertilize, and seed your lawn all in the same day. Or, you can seed and fertilize your lawn now and lime it later in the month.

Cover Compost

Cover your compost pile with a tarp to keep the rain off. Too much water will slow the decomposition process. Remove the tarp each time you turn the pile. This will allow fresh air to enter which will keep the pile cooking.

Stop Deadheading Roses

Stop deadheading your roses this month. Instead, allow the last of the flowers to develop into rose hips. This will help prepare your rose bushes their winter dormancy.


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