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October, 2011
Regional Report

Empty Compost Bin

Treat your roses, blueberries, peonies, phlox, lilacs, daylilies and more to microbes and nutrients via your summer-made compost. Shovel some compost on soil at the base of plants.

Order Spring and Summer Bulbs for Fall Planting

The latest planting date for spring bulbs in the Northeast is Thanksgiving. Earlier is even better so bulbs can take root. Order now so your top choices arrive at their best planting time.

Check TreeGator Watering Bags

If you used a TreeGator watering bag this summer, it's a good idea to remove it now and examine the tree bark under the bag. Are there lots of insects living in the moist bark or is the bark damaged from condensation? A bag encircling the tree all summer may have allowed moisture to accumulate and rot the bark. Insects may have set up housekeeping under the dark plastic. Remove the TreeGator so the bark dries and the insects move on.

Transplant Shrubs

Is there a small azalea, hydrangea, or spirea you'd like to move? Before month's end, dig up and transplant the shrub to a location with the appropriate light, soil, space, and moisture conditions. Water well so soil settles around the roots.

Get Privet and Yews Under Control

Fall is not the best time to prune most live branches from woody shrubs and roses. But overgrown privet and yew can withstand a trim now. If your privets or yews have grown too large, too wide, or too tall, take the loppers and pruners in hand. Shape them by carefully cutting away branches and stems at a node, the juncture where branches and stems meet.


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