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Lower South

October, 2011
Regional Report

Plant Cool Season Flowers

Some great choices for cool season color include alyssum, snapdragons, stock, and dianthus. Ornamental cabbage and kale are among the heartiest of cool season color plants. Pansies and violas can also be planted but may be happier of you wait for another few weeks to allow for cooler temperatures.

Plant Cole Crops

Set out transplants of the "blue-leafed" vegetables known as cole crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kohlrabi, kale, and collards. Water new plants in with a dilute fertilizer solution after planting.

Plant Bulbs

Plant many of the bulbs that bloom and winter spring and summer. Daffodils, paperwhites, oxblood lilies, Lycoris, rain lilies and Byzantine gladiolus are among the many bulbs for fall planting at this time of the year.

Plant Next Spring's Blooms Now

Sweet peas, larkspur, poppies and many wildflowers are seeded in the fall to grow through winter in preparation for their big spring show! Watch for the young plants to emerge and carefully pull any weeds to avoid the competition for light, water and nutrients. These flower seedlings won't grow much now but will take off like a rocket in late winter and early spring!

Lawn Rescue

This has been a brutal summer for many of our southern lawns. If your lawn is patchy from drought and/or insect damage give it a light fertilization now. Then water it in with a half inch of irrigation in the absence of rain. Spread one half inch of compost over the area to mulch the surface and deter winter weed, as well as to feed the soil gradually over time.


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