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Pacific Northwest

November, 2011
Regional Report

Pull Weeds

Keep ahead of weeds by pulling them up as they appear or by whacking them with a hoe. If you remove them before they can flower and set seeds, you'll have fewer weeds growing in your garden over time.

Coat Bulbs with Bonemeal

When planting my spring bulbs in the fall, I toss the bulbs into a bag of bonemeal. When I put the bulbs on the ground for arranging prior to planting, they are much easier to see against the brown soil and leaf litter. This makes planting go faster, and I never miss a bulb.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

Fall is a great time to plant trees, shrubs, bulbs, perennials, grass seed and sod. Plants that are planted in the fall enjoy cooler temperatures and ideal growing conditions that allow roots ample time to grow into the surrounding soil. Use starter plant fertilizer mix when planting.

Harvest Herbs

Your hard work is ready to pay off as you harvest and dry your herbs. Harvest them early in the day by cutting off entire stems. Wash everything well and place on screens, cookie sheets, or trays and let them air dry for several days. When they are dry, strip the leaves off and store in airtight containers.

Harvest Winter Squash

Cure pumpkins and butternut and hubbard squashes at temperatures between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit for two or three weeks immediately after harvest. After curing, store them in a dry place at 55-60 degrees F.


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