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Lower South

March, 2012
Regional Report

Plant Warm Season Annual Flowers

Warm season flowering annuals such as petunias, Mexican sunflower, marigolds, pentas, zinnias, wishbone flower, angelonia, annual phlox, cosmos, impatiens, cleome and annual salvia can be planted out in the garden once the danger of frost is past. Fertilizer the new plants at planting with a dilute liquid fertilizer solution to get them off to a good start.

Mow Weeds and Catch Clippings

Cool season weeds are going to seed now. Use your lawnmower with a grass catcher to mow them up and gather their seeds for disposal. This will help prevent adding a million additional seeds to the lawn for future winter weeds.

Plant Tomatoes

With the last average frost date passing in the Lower South, now is the time to get tomatoes planted. Water transplants in after planting with a soluble fertilizer solution and be prepared to provide a cover over the plants when night time temperatures drop below the lower 50's to keep them warm and avoid slowing their growth.

Start Basil and Dill Transplants

Start seeds of basil and dill in small transplant containers indoors. These herbs like warm temperatures so planting now in the protected warmth of your home will help the seedlings get off to a good start while avoiding the chilly nights. Choose a very bright location for the seedlings or use grow lights to help keep them stocky and strong. In a few weeks the strong transplants can be set out in the garden for a good head start on the season.

Direct Seed Warm Season Vegetables

Warming soils mean that it is time to start planting seeds of many warm season vegetables directly out into the garden. Some of the crops to plant in the coming weeks include green beans, squash, cucumbers, and butter beans.


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