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September, 2012
Regional Report

Remove Depleted Vegetable Plants

Maybe powdery mildew has killed the zucchini leaves. Or borers have chewed through squash vines. Or the tomato plant's turned brown. Pull out pest- or disease-infested, non-productive vegetable plants. Discard in yard debris bags. Don't put these plants in the compost.

Plant Garlic and Shallots Now

Plant a variety of individual garlic cloves and shallot bulbs now to overwinter and continue developing come spring. Mulch the sprouting seedlings to protect through winter's cold.

Freeze Bountiful Herbs

Is your basil as overgrown as mine? I've cut mine back twice. One can only enjoy so much pesto. I froze the last harvest by plucking the leaves and chopping them with olive oil in the food processor. I spoon the mixture in small plastic freezer bags. Later it's easy to break off the amount I want. A small piece to season spaghetti sauce; a larger amount to mix with garlic, pine nuts, Romano/Parma cheese for nearly fresh pesto!

I've found that dill also keeps its flavor when frozen.

Weed Before They Set Seed

Pull and discard weeds before they produce seed pods. Even if you haven't been able to keep up with weeding through the summer, don't despair. Removing weeds now before their seed heads burst and spread will save you some spring headaches.

Remove And Transplant Overgrown Irises

Dig out overgrown Siberian and German bearded irises. Remember how easily and quickly they spread when choosing where to transplant. Give away what you don't want.


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