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Coastal and Tropical South

June, 2014
Regional Report

Rejuvenate Lawns

June is a fine time to thin the trees if needed for more sunlight on the grass, and to sprig or plug in new grass to replenish the lawn. If you do either one, fertilize lightly and water well so both lawns and trees put on new growth.

Combat Daylily and Iris Disease

Spots and streaks on the leaves of iris and daylilies must be dealt with now to avoid their further decline. Cut the affected plants down into fans as if you were moving them; then spray with a fungicide. Clean up the garden well this fall and spray again next sprin

Prune Oleander

Prune these durable shrubs in between flushes of bloom if they have lost leaves, gotten spindly, or grown more upright than desired. Cut back each stem by up to one third to stimulate new growth, work compost into the soil around each one, and fertilize with a flowering shrub formula.

Don't Move That Tree

Unless a tree presents an immediate hazard to people or structures, wait until fall or winter to dig it up and move it. If that is your plan, begin now to prepare the tree for the inevitable shock. Forego fertilizing this summer, prune as needed to encourage compact growth, and water regularly.

Reduce Algae in Ponds

When algae builds up, take these three steps to remedy it. First, physically remove the algae. Second, fill its space with floating plants to cover at least two-thirds of the surface. Third, investigate organic ways to control algae, including innovative treatments using barley in liquid or floating bales.


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