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Upper South

August, 2000
Regional Report

Renovate Lawns

An old lawn may have bare spots that need replanting. Try renovating the lawn or installing a new one with some of the newer turf grass cultivars that have been bred for disease and wear resistance, slower growth, and drought tolerance. Look for mixtures that include perennial rye grass varieties such as 'Manhattan' and 'Pennlawn'.

Stake Late-Blooming Perennials

Tall perennials such as boltonia, fall aster, and chrysanthemum need staking before they start falling over. At this stage, it's too late to place the round grow-through-type supports over plants. Instead, use the linking stakes that surround plants, using as many stakes as you need.

Purchase Lily Bulbs

Purchase and plant Madonna lily bulbs now. Plant these bulbs 2 or 3 inches deep. Older bulbs may be dug up and divided now. Incorporate some sand into the soil under and around them to improve soil drainage and prevent rotting.

Deadhead Annuals

To keep annual flowers such as calendulas and petunias looking their best, deadhead the old flowers and continue to water them deeply at least once a week. Feed the plants with a water-soluble fertilizer to promote more foliage growth and assure a good supply of blooms until frost.

Order Spring-Flowering Bulbs

The earliest-blooming bulbs, such as crocuses and daffodils, are best planted in September in our area. Plant bulbs of fall-blooming crocus and colchicum now. These are beautiful in masses under trees and shrubs or in drifts in the orchard or wild garden. Try some saffron crocus so that you can collect the precious stigmas for flavoring paella or rice dishes.


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