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Upper South

February, 2001
Regional Report

Check Heaving Plants

On mild days, as you're making rounds in your garden, check for plants that have had their roots partially pushed out of the ground by the freezing and thawing temperatures. This is especially likely for newly planted perennials and hardy annuals such as pansies. Just push them back into the ground, adding a bit of soil around them, if necessary.

Start Delphiniums

If you plant delphinium seeds indoors now, they will grow into strong plants and will flower toward the end of summer, just as cool autumn weather is approaching. Some types will even flower before then. When seeding them, keep the soil evenly moist and provide as much bright light as possible.

Recycle Cylamen

Cyclamen bought as blooming houseplants this winter can offer you a second round of bloom in the garden. Once they've finished flowering, cut back the foliage and place the pots in a cool room. In summer, plant them outdoors. They will bloom a second time in profusion but need to be brought indoors before winter, since this "florist-type" of cyclamen is not hardy in our area.

Control Spider Mites

This is the time of year when houseplants may succumb to spider mites. To help your houseplants survive, spray-wash them several times each week, being sure to get the undersides of the leaves. Keep the humidity as high as possible around your houseplants to discourage the mites from coming back.

Vinca for Flower Arrangements

To make your own greens to add to flower arrangements, look no further than your yard. If you have Vinca minor growing, it should still be green. Cut long pieces of it, wash it in cold water, and use it as filler for your flower arrangements.


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