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Middle South

September, 2001
Regional Report

Divide Chives

Lift, divide, and replant chives or set out new plants purchased from garden centers. Divided now, plants often will bunch slightly during the fall and be strong producers of purple flowers in spring. Both chive leaves and blossoms are edible and plants grow easily in beds or containers.

Propagate Phlox

Creeping phlox is a great perennial to propagate and plant this fall. Plants taken from established clumps, or purchased from garden centers, will make some green growth this fall and winter, then bloom first thing in spring.

Thin Leafy Greens

When fall-planted lettuce or leafy greens grow so large that leaves of adjoining plants touch, it\'s time to thin. Besides helping plants grow faster, thinned plants produce more large, colorful outer leaves, which are often more nutritious than inner leaves that receive little light.

Repot Houseplants

Check houseplants that have spent the summer on your porch or patio to see if they're rootbound. If repotting is needed, remove the plant from the container, lightly root prune to keep the plant small or move them to a larger container to allow the houseplant to put on size.

Transplant Foxgloves

If you have a fertile spot in part shade area of the garden, plant foxgloves. Container-grown seedlings set out now will bloom next spring. The site should have good drainage since foxglove roots rot easily during wet winter conditions.


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