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Middle South

December, 2001
Regional Report

Cute Carrot Tops

Green up your kitchen windowsill with sprouting carrot tops, set in saucers of water. Kids of all ages love this easy project, which can turn into a miniature garden if you include sprouting ends cut from beets, sweetpotatoes, and turnips in your collection.

Rotate Houseplants

Rotate houseplants to make sure all sides get a chance at good natural light. Moving pots a quarter turn each time you water is a good standard practice.

Manage Mud

After three years of drought we truly need all this rain, but you don't have to wade in mud each time you check out your garden. Place broad boards over the ground between beds, or cover mud-prone places with scrap pieces of carpeting.

Pot Up Amaryllis

Replant amaryllis bulbs saved from last year in fresh soil, and pot up those received as gifts, too. Keep the bulbs lightly moist in a cool indoor room. They won't need strong light until the tops are at least two inches tall. Healthy bulbs planted now should bloom in late winter.

Cut Up Poinsettias

Give drooping poinsettias a second life as cut flowers. For maximum vase life, sear the ends of the stems with a candle flame to seal in the sap. Also pinch off all leaves that might end up underwater in the vase.


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