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Lower South

February, 2001
Regional Report

Finish Pruning

Complete pruning of fruit trees, roses, and deciduous trees, vines, and shrubs soon. Evergreen hedges can also be sheared back now as new growth starts. Wait to prune ornamentals that bloom only in early spring until they're finished blooming for the season.

Plant Bare-Root Ornamentals

If you want to plant any bare-root trees, shrubs, or vines, do so now while the temperatures are still cool. Summer heat is on the way, and these plants need time to settle in and get their roots established before it gets to hot. Water well at planting and keep them well watered during the summer - especially if a drought strikes.

Fertilizing Southern Lawns

Wait to fertilize southern turfgrasses until you've mowed them twice. This usually means fertilizing in early April. By April the turf will be actively growing and will be able to put the fertilizer to good use. Feeding earlier encourages winter weeds, and some fertilizer may wash away before the turf begins active growth, polluting the ground water.

Feed Winter Annuals

Keep cool-season flowers such as pansies, violas, nasturtiums, stock, and snapdragons growing and blooming vigorously by lightly applying a complete fertilizer once a month. These cool-loving flowers will keep blooming for another few months if you continue to supply the moisture and nutrients they need.

Feed Cool-Season Veggies

Feed broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, lettuce, spinach, and other cool-season vegetables every few weeks to keep them growing vigorously. Continue to harvest early greens, but keep sowing plantings of spinach, lettuce, and arugula for a late spring harvest.


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