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Lower South

August, 2001
Regional Report

Trim Roses for Fall Blooms

Give your roses a light trimming this month for a super show in October. Remove spindly growth and cut shoots back by about 1/4. They will respond with vigorous growth and a burst of fall blooms. Keep diseases and mites under control, keep soil moist, and fertilize bushes periodically to promote good plant health and vigor.

Water Turf Wisely

The most common lawn watering mistake is to apply too little water, too often. Give your lawn a good soaking every week or so and allow it to dry out between waterings. This will help build a deep, extensive grass root system and keep turf healthy and dense, reducing problems with winter weeds.

Plant Marigolds

Plant marigolds now for a gorgeous fall display that will last until the first frost. The large blooms of African marigolds make an especially dramatic splash of yellow and orange color. Fall marigolds are not plagued by spider mites. Keep the young plants well-watered and fertilized lightly every 2 weeks for best flowering.

Water Pecans

Keep pecans and black walnut trees adequately watered to encourage good development of the kernels. Water stress can cause nut drop and poor filling of kernels. Foliage diseases and leaf feeding insects can also cause a shutdown in carbohydrate production resulting in poorly filled nuts.

Fertilize Turf This Fall

Wait to fertilize turf until early to mid October. If extra nitrogen is applied in summer, it can cause rapid growth and the need for extra water too keep the grass going. Excess nitrogen also predisposes turf to summer chinch bugs and fall brown patch disease.


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