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Lower South

September, 2001
Regional Report

Shear Roses

The cooler temperatures mean roses are gearing up for their big fall bloom show. A late summer shearing will encourage a new flush of growth followed by super blooms in October. Keep diseases in check and plants well watered if Mother Nature isn't helping out.

Trim Herbs

Shear back herb plants such as rosemary and sage that are ragged looking from the summer heat. Plants will respond with new growth in the coming months. The new growth that\'s produced will be perfect for cooking and making herbal oils and vinegars.

Plant Fall Vegetables

It's not too late to plant a final crop of bush beans and squash in our region. Now is the perfect time also to plant cool season vegetables such as broccoli, collard, kohlrabi, cabbage, and snap pea. Lettuce and spinach should be started later this month.

Control Brown Patch

September marks the beginning of the brown patch disease season on our southern St. Augustine lawns. Lawns with history of brown patch problems may need preventive sprays starting in mid to late September. To prevent this disease avoid excessive nitrogen fertilization and frequent watering that predispose turf to attack.

Rejuvenate Summer Flowers

Petunias, geraniums, begonias, and other summer flowershave become ragged over the last few months of heat and drought. A little care now will help them flower strongly this fall. Lightly prune flowers back and give them a dose of fertilizer followed by a good watering. They'll reward you with a few more months of super blooms.


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