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Inland Northwest, High Desert

August, 2000
Regional Report

Keep Watering

Temperatures in the 80F and 90F are ideal for growth as long as trees, grass, and ornamental flowers are watered deeply when the first few inches of soil feels dry. Water trees to 2 feet deep, lawns to1 foot deep, and flowers at least 6 inches deep. When it gets really warm, remember to water container plants twice a day.

Controlling Grasshoppers and Crickets

For the past 3 years this region has seen an alarming explosion of grasshoppers and crickets marching across the desert, eating everything in their path. Grasshoppers will lay their eggs in the dry edges of your property, then march inland to your garden. Place commercial bait in the dry areas first, then around the plants with notched edges on the leaves. If you wait a day or two after you've seen notched edges, you'll see leaves stripped off the branches.

Protecting Leaves Against Drying Winds

With our typical prolonged heat and shortage of water during summer, you may see burned, yellow, and faded-out leaves on many trees. Don\'t spray the leaves with water hoping to ease leaf burn -- it will only cause sunburn and make things worse. It\'s better to deep-water the trees using old-fashioned soaker hoses. They put out a fine spray that is absorbed slowly by the tree roots, especially if you put them upside-down under the drip line.

Preventing Fires

It's dry out there. Most of us have received only a little over half our normal rainfall this year, and wildfires are burning all over. To prevent fires around your yard, clear debris and firewood from within 50 feet of the house. Avoid planting high-fuel plants such as pines close to the house. If a wildfire approaches, do your best to keep things wet as long as it is safe for you to be there.

Frost Protection

In the high country, it can frost most any day it pleases Mother Nature. Tales of snowy Fourth of July parades may amuse the visitors, but we know that it's always a good idea to keep an eye on the weather forecast. When cold weather threatens, place row covers or blankets over prized or frost-sensitive plants such as basil and tomatoes.


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