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Tropical South

August, 2001
Regional Report

Protect Plants Under Power Lines

"Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place" is a common phrase in landscaping. This is especially true for plants under power lines. Choose trees that will only grow to the minimum height of the power line to avoid power companies pruning your tree in unsightly ways.

Prune Before Hurricanes

Now that hurricane season is upon us complete your last minute pruning. Remove leaning trees or branches, diseased or dead limbs, and any branches that may fall on your house. Only prune if the debris can be taken away before a storm is due to strike. Branches left in the yard can become missiles during a storm.

Check for Chinchbugs

Chinchbugs are the most prevalent summer lawn pest in our area. Chinchbugs are small and black insects with a white spot on their wingcovers. Check for chinchbug activity by pouring soapy water on lawns where the dead and live grass meet. This interface zone is where the bugs will be feeding. Chinchbugs will come to the surface within few minutes.

Replace Annuals

Summer annuals such as petunias need replacing now. Despite all your watering and feeding they still are looking tired and worn out. Replace them with fresh transplants of amaranth, zinnia, marigold, torenia, vinca, coleus and cosmos.

Start Herbs

As the cool weather starts coming this fall and rains become plentiful, start winter herbs such as parsley and cilantro indoors for transplanting in the garden next month. Start seeds in flats filled with moistened potting soil. Keep cool and moist and within 1 month you can transplant into the garden or containers.


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