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August, 2001
Regional Report

Continue Garden Chores

Continue doing garden chores, but break a big job into smaller segments to make the work seem less daunting. Carry a bucket while you deadhead flowers, pull weeds, and generally tidy things up. The bucket makes your trip to the compost pile quick and easy.

Take Garden Photos

Make yourself a panoramic photo of the garden so you can refer to it next winter when you\'re planning your seed and plant orders and dreaming of the growing season to come. Use a disposable panorama camera or, standing in one spot, use any camera to shoot an overlapping series of shots panning from left to right.

Dry Herbs Indoors

Humid summer weather makes it difficult to dry herbs successfully by hanging them outdoors in an \"airy\" shed or garage. Consider bringing them into an air-conditioned room or dry them carefully in a cool oven, microwave, or dehydrator (follow manufacturer\'s instructions). Once thoroughly dry, for best quality store herbs in airtight containers in a dry, dark place.

Share the Harvest

If you\'re harvesting gallons of tomatoes, bushels of peppers, and generally more than you can use for the table, dry, freeze or can, consider sharing your harvest with the local soup kitchen or food bank. Make sure the produce is in good condition and call ahead to arrange for drop off.

Press Flowers

Preserve your own garden flowers to enjoy year round by pressing flowers and foliage. Use a flower press or simply slip them into the phone book. Check back in 1 month and retrieve the flat and dry specimens. Ferns, violas, and rose petals are some of the best flowers to dry with this method.


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