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October, 2001
Regional Report

EZ Leaf Bagging

Use the handles on your wheelbarrow to hold your plastic or canvas leaf bag upright and open so it is easy to fill. Just hook the bag's ties or handles over the handles of the wheelbarrow. When the bag is full, flip it into the wheelbarrow and off you go to the compost pile!

Protect Terra Cotta

Terra cotta and certain other porous materials used for pots and statuary may crack or chip or even break apart during freezing weather. The reason for this is that moisture trapped within the material swells when it freezes and exerts pressure. Protect these items by storing them in a freeze-proof area.

Discourage Rabbits

Protect fruit trees from winter rabbit damage. Cover the ground at the base of the trunk with sturdy wire mesh (such as hardware cloth) and cover that with a layer of gravel. Now extend the wire upward in a continuous piece to encase the trunk two feet higher than the average maximum snow depth.

Lawn Care Now

It\'s still important to keep mowing the lawn up until it stops growing. Also, keep fallen leaves raked off the lawn surface. A build-up of leaves may smother the lawn and/or cause disease problems. You can use your lawn mower to pre-shred the leaves and make them less bulky.

Time to Lime

Lime raised the pH meaning it reduces the acidity of soil, making it more alkaline or \"sweeter.\" Fall is a good time to add lime but only if soil testing shows it is needed. The amount to use depends on how much change is desired and on what kind of soil you have (e.g. sandy vs .clay) so let your pH test results and County Extension recommendations be your guide. Large changes in pH should be made gradually to avoid shocking your existing plants.


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