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December, 2001
Regional Report

Miniature Roses Indoors

Miniature roses are increasingly popular as florists\' holiday gift plants. These roses can be grown on in a bright location (west or south window or under fluorescent lighting) until spring and then planted outside in the garden. Until then, maintain high humidity, keep the soil slightly moist but not sopping wet and keep an eye out for pests such as spider mites and whiteflies.

Sunflower Hulls

Sunflower hulls are messy and can inhibit future plant growth where they fall to the ground. Avoid this problem by using pre-hulled seed, or locate the feeder over a paved area to make clean up easy. Another option is to place an old window screen beneath the feeder where it will catch the hulls -- remember to empty if often.

Keep Harvesting Greens

Winter salad greens (under a poly tunnel or inside a cold frame) just stop growing in the colder weather. Nonetheless, those that withstand freezing temperatures can still be harvested for fresh eating. Spinach, arugula and mache for example should still be edible, and any spinach left in the ground come spring will start to grow again!

Explore the Winter Garden

Savor a mild afternoon by touring your neighborhood and checking out the trees and shrubs that provide winter interest. You may discover brightly colored berries and intricately formed nuts, cones and seed pods, and exceptional bark and branching patterns among the delightful shapes and interesting textures that go unnoticed when the landscape is leafy and green.

Catalog Shopping

This is the season for browsing those wonderful seed and plant catalogs and placing your orders both by mail and, in some cases, on-line. It's always a good idea to order early for the best selection. Remember that the descriptions are meant to entice you, so try to plan ahead, research your choices and order wisely.


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