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Inland Northwest, High Desert

May, 2001
Regional Report

Uncover Trees

Remove tree wraps from the trunks of young trees. Tree trunks need air and sunlight to stay healthy. Leaving the wraps on too long will provide a handy home for bugs and diseases that attact trees.

Mulch Later

Wait until the soil has warmed before you add new organic mulch such as hay or straw. Mulches will prevent weed seeds from growing and conserve moisture, but they also moderate soil temperatures, keeping spring soils cool like an insulating blanket.

Uproot Crabgrass

Crabgrass growing in flower beds can be uprooted now before it goes to seed. It pulls out easily while the soil is still soft and moist and before it puts out more roots. Hook a crabgrass clump with a long-handled three-prong claw weeder and pull up the whole clump.

Wait to Plant Geraniums

Even though frost is getting rarer in our region, geraniums don't approve of even slightly cold temperatures, so you should resist the urge to plant them yet. Wait until the nights are reliably 55oF before planting geraniums in the garden.

Stake Peas

Use the tree branches you pruned off fruit and shade trees this spring to support peas. Stick 5- to 6-foot tall branches along a row of peas, intertwining the branches to create a fence. Their side branches make great arms for peas to hold onto. Best of all, they're free.


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