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New England

June, 2001
Regional Report

Prune Suckers

Indeterminate tomato plants such as \'Better Boy\' will produce many suckers. A suckers is a new growth that comes in where a branch connects with the main trunk. Removing suckers will decrease the number of fruits produced, but will ensure that the remaining tomatoes will be larger and will ripen sooner.

Water Trees

If the weather is dry, water young ornamental plants deeply once a week to ensure that they grow well through the summer. Apply water until it sinks down at least 2 feet into the soil. On newly planted trees, flood the reservoir around the tree with a few inches of water to make sure it sinks in deeply where the roots are growing.

Control Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are out in full force, feeding on roses, grapes, beans, and many other plants. Control them by handpicking early in the morning when they are sluggish, spraying beneficial nematodes on lawns to control the young grub stage of the beetle, setting up beetle traps away from your property, and spraying with insecticidal soap or neem oil.

Control Apple Maggots

Apple maggot adults are out laying eggs on developing apple fruits. Place red, stickly spheres in trees to fool the adults into landing on these "fake apples" and dying. Place out 4 spheres per dwarf tree and check and clean them every few days if necessary.

Harvest Beans

Harvest bush beans when they're about 6 to 8 inches long. Fillet bush beans can be harvested when they are even smaller. By harvesting beans when they are younger, the texture is more tender and the plants will be encouraged to produce more beans.


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