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Name: seil
St Clair Shores, MI (Zone 6a)
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Apr 23, 2019 3:08 PM CST
Mustbnuts gave you very good info. Keep it for future reference.

Sorry to say that mix you picture is not potting soil but meant to amend holes in the ground for planting. Potting mix is much lighter so that the pots will drain properly. And you want to stay away from fertilizing this rose for now. You have just cut its roots off and traumatized it. You did a good job putting more holes in the pot. You'll need to be very careful not to over water it. Let it dry out a bit between waterings. Stick your finger in the soil down to at least the first knuckle. It should be completely dry before you add more water.

In the future if you have to pot things up always get bigger pots than you think you need. Also, I use coffee filters in the bottoms of my pots. They allow the water to drain freely and hold the soil in but do not add any weight. Pebbles just make a heavy pot heavier. Eventually the filters dissolve but by that time the soil has settled in and is no longer going to come out the holes.
Name: Mike Stewart
Lower Hudson Valley, New York (Zone 6b)
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Apr 23, 2019 4:32 PM CST
Robert, we've been bombarding you with (well-intended) information about a single rose. As a new member here, feel free to tell us more about yourself, your garden, your plans, etc. We're a really conversation-oriented, international community of gardeners on this forum with lots of experience beyond roses, and enjoy hearing about one another's garden plans as well as answering questions. When everybody puts their two cents in you'll have about a pound fourpence by the time we're done! Hilarious!
United Kingdom
Apr 24, 2019 4:23 PM CST
Hi Robert. You have been given lots of sound advice here. Bye the bye. I live in London so we are neighbours. May I say a few words.

I have been growing roses etc for over sixty years and have had many heart aches etc. with plants. There is no problem digging a rose up and replanting it. Best time is during the dormont period. When transplanting, it is desireable to lift the plant with a good root-ball this is retaining as much soil around the roots as possible. Here in your case. You have literally unearthed the plant and now wish to pot it up.

Looking at your photos. You have unknowingly removed the plant that is now a way into a new growing season, this in itself usually causes a slight problem for the plant, in the main the plant will recover.

Now look at those roots and compare them with the size of the pot. The pot is far too small. Question of drainage holes. In the past, clay pots had only a single drainage hole and this was and still is usually covered over with say a piece or pieces of broken pots. Known as, 'crocking the pot'. Using pebbles,grit etc mixed into the compost will aid drainage. Perlite will aid drainage and also will aid the retention of water.
Back to the plant. In such a case. I would have root pruned it. It looks like there are more roots than space for the compost. When planting a bare rooted plant, the roots need to be spread out. the length of that single stem, I would reduce that to encourage new growth lower down and even from the graft site. Finally. All pot/container grown plants will require feeding. Best wishes.
Name: Robert Hoff
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Apr 25, 2019 2:56 AM CST
Hi everyone,

As before, many thanks for all your comments and suggestions, it is a bit to take in, but it happens to be the only rose I've got, and the first one I've cared for, so it does mean a lot.

I live in central England, UK, with a small outdoor plot between terrace houses. This is what the garden look like

Thumb of 2019-04-25/hoffrj/74a7e1

I have two hebes (what species they are I don't know), one at the corner of the bed, and the other in the pot second to the right. They arrived here as cuttings from my mother-in-law, I had a pretty detached relationship to them in the beginning, but after some time I started to like them. I put one in the large pot to the left and the other in the pot that is quite a bit smaller - as it happens the one in the bigger pot grew much larger. The two pots with the twigs sticking out of them I believe are salvia microphylla 'hot lips', in bloom they have white and red flowers. I moved them in the same way as the rose, from bed to pots, they seem to be doing ok with new leaves appearing. The scattered small pots are an attempt at germinating red and african marigold, and bellflower (some of these have pebbles in them to prevent the birds pecking at them, although it doesn't actually stop them!). The tree with the white flowers stretches over from the neighbour, if anyone knows what it is please let me know Smiling Finally the pot to the right is the rose, of course.

Regarding the rose, I haven't done anything to it since I last posted, but I might upgrade the pot, seeing this seems to be crucial. I can get bigger pots from the garden centre, that should be fine. If I do change the pot I will look for the right soil too. Perhaps this weekend or the next, but I'm a bit undecided. I want the pot to be on top of the bed which measures about 20" from the back wall to the white beam. So I can definitely go a bit bigger, perhaps a dish shaped pot that is wider at the top would work. And I might have a go at pruning the root .. that's an interesting idea.

I'll try to keep the soil correctly watered, thanks for the description about that. Much enjoying meeting and exchanging messages with you all, I'll update again :-)

Jan 14, 2020 5:24 PM CST
hi hoffrj , how is ur rose plant now?

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