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Jul 5, 2019 9:30 AM CST
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Name: Forrest
North Dakota (Zone 4a)
hey all I like to grow all sorts of stuff but lately have been getting into crossing peppers and I'm looking to get as many varieties I can get to play around with. at the current moment I only have seeds for jalapenos, orange habaneros, common bells. starrburst, 7 pot pink, aji pineapple, bahamian goat, brazillian starfish, chocolate borg-9, chocolate naga brains, peach ghost scorpion, yellow sepia reaper, trinidad moruga scorpion,lemon habanero, bhut jolokia, tobasco, carribean red habanero, shishito, cubanelle, hungarian sweet banana, and red scotch bonnets and would be interested in trading for almost any pepper varieties so I can do as many experiments with crossing as I can. I live in zone 4a for shipping purposes and the seeds that i have for trade are as follows:

christmas melon, crenshaw melon, lemondrop melon, dewlicious melon, canary melon, dixie queen watermelon, moon and stars watermelon (red flesh), striped klondike watermelon, tendersweet orange flesh watermelon, tiger melon, banana melon

opalka tomato, azoychka tomato,tigrella tomato, green zebra tomato, yellow pear tomato, white cherry tomato, multicolored cherry tomato, purple tomatillo.

purple carrot, black nebula carrot, mammoth salsify, hamburg rooted parsley, texas early grano 502 onion, minowase daikon radish, unknown japanese radish variety, purple vienna kohlrabi

glass gem corn, mini blue popcorn, blue hopi corn.

edible foliage
parris island cos romaine, buttercrunch bibb lettuce, thai basil, lime basil, genovese basil, ruby red swiss chard, red russian kale, red acre cabbage, claytonia miner lettuce

large/viney plants
jarrahdale pumpking, kiwano jelly melon, turkish orange eggplant, lemon cucumber

I also have many more common "hardware store varieties" if interested in those. If interested in trading or chatting please feel free to send me a message or if you have any questions about some of my varities, where they originally were sourced, or information about my experiences growing them don't hesitate to ask.

DISCLAIMER: I accept unstable pepper crosses only if you can provide information about genetics and what generation the seeds are
Jul 12, 2019 1:19 PM CST
Portland, Oregon (Zone 7b)
Since this is the trade section, I assume you aren't interested in buying. If you are, have you taken a look at Baker's Creek (rareseeds dot com.)
They don't have the selection they once had, but it is still impressive.

What are your goals? Hottest pepper? Biggest pepper? Strangest looking pepper?

I got several varieties from Baker's this year, but my seed efforts ended in disaster.

And I just noticed your name is Forrest! My eldest son's name is Forrest! I love you already!

None of my peppers planted at my house are doing well. The one's I planted at my friends are thriving. Go figure.

I live reasonably close to Garden Fever Nursery. They also don't have the varieties they once had, but still things of interest.
I have a Thai purple that is suppose to be super hot. I picked a few, but I haven't used them. I could send them to you if you'd like. Tree-mail me.

I'm also growing Fish pepper. I'm disappointed in it's growth. But, if it perks up, I can send some of those as well.
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Feb 15, 2021 1:24 PM CST
Name: Wuggles
Hi, I know this is an old post, but are you still looking for pepper seeds? I have about 15 varieties, so if you are still interested, please contact me.
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