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Mar 25, 2020 8:31 PM CST
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Name: Bridget
Baton Rouge, LA (Zone 9a)
C’est la vie .........
Big Grin that's a lot of colors i listed up there

the space is on the side of my house along a wrought iron fence southwest facing (brutal afternoon sunshine). There's around 10-12 feet in between the side of the house and the fence, so it will be hard for the man who cuts our grass to not get hooked by a thorn back there. I don't want to tear up Mr. Ivan. Also, our neighbor has 2 beautiful weimarainers (not sure how to spell) who like to hang out by the gate to bark at our russian blue cats taunting them. I don't want to tear up her pups!

From the inside of the house, the chosen climbing rose will be the focal point of a 5 foot wide window above the bathtub in the master bathroom, so I'd like it to "compliment" my bathroom. I'm kooky about things like that.

I need it to repeat bloom.

also, once the fence passes my bathroom window, the yard widen ups to 1/2 an acre and the fence goes waaaaaaaay down through the backyard so it can be a big climber. I'll train any octopus arms horizontally.

I need something that can handle South Louisiana/zone 9 - the muggy humid zone 9 not the lovely socal zone 9- without being too much of a baby. I will spray horticultural oil in very early spring as well as bonide copper if necessary. But I don't spray regularly.

I have some roses already planted in my back yard that would work, but even with 31 roses, I like to keep trying new ones. There's SO many lovelies on my want list! The following roses are ones that could work but that i already have, so count them out:
cl madame alfred carriere, cl clotilde soupert, cl prosperity, cl sombreiul, cl sally holmes, cl repeat cecile brunner, cl souvenir de la malmaison

Here's the colors I'm imagining (I want it to be light and maybe even dusty antiquish with SOME color/not JUST white)

Thumb of 2020-03-26/Berrycajun/f0a778

the rose in the middle of the bouquet
Thumb of 2020-03-26/Berrycajun/e57c37

Thumb of 2020-03-26/Berrycajun/6c6dcc
I think that last one is blue moon but it looks more dusty pink than blue moon.

Though I've never seen in person, I've narrowed it down to the climbers below, (but am very much open to anything you think could work)

Cl Devoniensis (how do you pronounce that?)

Cl white eden (pierre de rosnard) rose (the white eden rose not the pink one)

Kordes Honeymoon Arbor rose

Kordes Pearly gates

Kordes Future Rose

Cl Rev d'Or (too yellow?)

Cl Ambridge Rose (thorny??)

I love Aloha and a Shropshire lad, but they may be a bit brighter in color than what I want in that spot.

So what say you?

Sorry to have so many criteria ;)
After all, tomorrow is another day!
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Mar 26, 2020 4:46 AM CST
Tuscany, Italy
The colours in that bouquet are so beautiful and soft and subtle. However,keep in mind that "brutal afternoon sunshine" tends to bleach colours out ferociously. My own garden is on a sharp slope facing the southwest, and being here in Tuscany definitely is subject to UBER brutal afternoon sun,so I tend to try to place the subtle coloured roses where they can get some shade.So a brighter, more saturated colour might work better than you'd think in that spot. One problem that you must face in this type of situation is that roses do change colour a lot according to season and temperature; colours tend to be more saturated when it's cooler and cloudier, paler when it's hot and sunny,though I think there are some exceptions to this rule amongst the Teas and Chinas. This brings me to ask: have you considered some of the climbing Teas? I have Elie Beavilain ,for example There's also Florence Bowers' Pink Tea Can't remember how they are for thorns though...HMF says FBPT is thorny, though mine doesn't seem that bad (in other words, not like Jasmina or Laguna). Then, there's Kim Rupert's Annie Laurie McDowell This rose is thornless,and wants to bloom constantly-so much so that it's almost a defect! I'm having trouble getting it to put on size-it's such a blooming fool!
In other words, I think you want to look for something that will be very heat-tolerant,and may wish to consider some of the older roses and roses bred in hot climates,along with things like Kordes' and Austins.
These are just some thoughts and considerations...
Mar 26, 2020 5:04 AM CST
Zone 9, Sunset Zone 9 (Zone 9b)
Climbing Ambridge? Ambridge (non-climbing variety) for me was thorny. Plus I absolutely hated the scent. Was glad to finally get rid of it and replaced it with roses that I love.

As far as a thornless climber, I would recommend Renae. It is a brighter pink than what you want but it was bred in an area that gets over 100 F for months at a time during the summer. It should take your location very well. It is a very good and healthy rose. Can't tell you about fungal diseases as we just don't get them here for the most part.

The only other climber I can recommend does have thorns but it is a constant bloomer. It is also a stripey rose. Really pretty. Might be something different for your area. It is Flamingo Dancer. Here is one of its first blooms for the year. I just took this picture yesterday.

Thumb of 2020-03-26/Mustbnuts/af2003
Mar 26, 2020 11:23 AM CST
Name: Christopher
New Brunswick, NJ, USA (Zone 7a)
I was looking through some climbing Teas, Tea-Noisettes, and other random climbers that I thought would like your climate. Combining that with your preference for few to no thorns, color, repeat, and general health, and I think I came up with something that'd work for you.

'Mme E. Souffrain'

I have no experience with this rose, but genetically, it's very much 'Reve d'Or'. So for more pictures of its grandparent/parent for ideas about likely growth-habit, see pics below.

And that, too, may work well for you, but the "thornless or almost" note on 'Mme E. Souffrain' was what caught my attention.

It's other parent, 'Duarte de Oliveira', could also work, but be harder to find.

Tea-Noisettes are probably a good fit for your climate, especially where you plan to use them. They are pretty healthy in a hot and humid climate, and where you want to use the rose should get a good amount of air circulation, anyway.


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Mar 26, 2020 11:41 AM CST
Name: Porkpal
Richmond, TX (Zone 9a)
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Reve d'Or is a wonderful rose here - also hot and humid. I do not find it to be as yellow as described on HMF. Mine has a lot of warm pink in it. I'll check on thorns later, but I don't remember it being especially thorny.
Mar 27, 2020 9:22 PM CST
Name: Blythe
North Saanich (Zone 8b)
Mustbnuts beat me to it: Renae is lovely and thornless.
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Mar 28, 2020 1:44 AM CST

Maybe Joseph's Coat would work. It does have thorns, but the colors and fragrance are lovely. The flowers go from reddish then pinkish and finally to yellow. The colors change as the flower matures. One of the best things as well, is that it blooms on new wood as well as old. The blooms are profuse.
Apr 1, 2020 6:23 PM CST
PNW (Zone 8b)
What about Mel's Heritage? I think it would fit your expectation.

From HMF:
-Peachy pink/copper fading to pale pink.
-Height of 8' to 30'
-USDA zone 6a and warmer. Can be used for ground cover or pillar. Very vigorous. heat tolerant. prefers full sun. Disease susceptibility: blackspot resistant, mildew resistant, rust resistant.
Apr 1, 2020 10:19 PM CST
SW Ohio River Valley (Zone 6b)
Mel's Heritage would be lovely if the owner could accept thorns. They are like finely honed cat's claws on this rose. However, its other attributes make it worth it.
Apr 14, 2020 4:09 AM CST
PNW (Zone 8b)
What about Mel's Heritage? I think it would fit your expectation.

From HMF:
-Peachy pink/copper fading to pale pink.
-Height of 8' to 30'
-USDA zone 6a and warmer. Can be used for ground cover or pillar. Very vigorous. heat tolerant. prefers full sun. Disease susceptibility: blackspot resistant, mildew resistant, rust resistant.
Apr 14, 2020 4:40 AM CST
PNW (Zone 8b)
My mouse just went so crazy for about 5 mins that I have no clue why I repost it. I don't know how to delete it. I'm Sorry.
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