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Sep 3, 2012 5:47 AM CST
Thread OP
Name: Fred Manning
Lillian Alabama

Charter ATP Member Region: Gulf Coast I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Amaryllis Region: United States of America Garden Ideas: Level 2
Ponds Hummingbirder Dog Lover Daylilies Container Gardener Butterflies
NAME THIS DAYLILY RULES (Please read before beginning)

This second one will start this morning Tuesday Sept 3 and end Friday Sept 7 at midnight. "THE RULES", the name must not be in the AHS data base. the name will begin with LILLIAN'S such as (LILLIAN'S THIN ICE) When checking your choice in the data base do not type in LILLIAN'S, only what you add to LILLIAN'S. The name must be less than thirty letters including LILLIAN'S. If Kathleen and I use the name(and we may not use any) you have submitted it will be posted here and you will receive a double fan in the spring 2013 on the date of your choice after emailing us at [email protected] giving us permission to use the name. "Note" If you live in Canada you must have a US address to receive any daylily from us. If you live outside the US or Canada we cannot ship to you.
If two of the same name are submitted, the one with the earliest time and day will be considered. “Look at the photo and summit the name (or names) that you think best describes the daylily, this is very important so don't just submit a bunch of names that doesn't relate to what you’re looking at.” Good luck all. NOTE remember to edit your post with the date and time and put as many names under one post as possible so this doesn't get to long.
Thumb of 2012-09-03/spunky1/c0b0a0

I have given us an extra day being this is a holiday and Betty needs another day.
Sep 3, 2012 6:10 AM CST
Name: kimbar rise
beaverton mi
Charter ATP Member I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Clematis Daylilies Region: Michigan Roses
Seed Starter Enjoys or suffers cold winters
Lillian's Prickley Pink
Lillian's Baby Gums
Lillian's Pink Whispers
Lillian's Pink Eye
Lillian's Pink Giggles
Lillian's Lemonade and Lipstick
Lillian's Pink Pucker
Lillan's Pink Poodle
Lillian's Pink Poodle Skirt
Lillian's Tinks Pink
Lillian's Teenie Pink Tutu
Lillian's Pink Grit
Lillian's Baby Whispers
Lillian's Baby Bauble
Lillian's Pinky Ring

Lillian's Bi Tone Betty
Lillian's Baby Toes
Lillian's Candied Heart
Lillian's Tippy Toes
EDIT 4:59 9/3
Lillian's Pink Icicles
Lillian's Pink Cheeks
Lillian's Pink Panda
Lillian's Pink Pearl Essences
Lillian's Pink Ice
Lillian's Iced Pink
Lillian's A Day Late
EDIT 12:20 AM 9/4
Lillian's Pink Peridot

Edit 7:02 9/4
Lillian's Pink Souls
Lillian's Pink Soles
Lillian's Pink Diamonds
Lillian's Echo of Pink
Lillian's Pink Echo
Lillian's Pink Poncho
Lillian's Babes Pink Booty
Lillian's Babies Pink Booty
Lillian's Ruffle My Ridges
Lillian's Pink Peaches
Lillian's Peach Blush
Lillian's Blushing Babes
Lillian's Dainty Dixie
Lillian's Soft and Subtle
Lillian's Freds Fantasty

Edit 9/5 6:24
Lillian's Pinking Out Loud
Lillian' Pink Clouds

EDIT 9/6 6:57
Lillian's Michelle's Magic
Lillian's Magic Michelle
Lillian's Love Birds
Lillian's Pink Perch

Edit 9/7 7:11
Lillian's Pink Parasol Lady
Lillian's The Lady Wore Pink

Lillian's Iced in Cream
Lillian's Pitter Patter Pink
Lillian's Soften My Heart
Lillan's My Soft Heart
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Sep 3, 2012 6:12 AM CST
Name: Michele
Cantonment, FL zone 8b
Seller of Garden Stuff Region: United States of America I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Dragonflies Pollen collector Garden Ideas: Level 2
Hosted a Not-A-Raffle-Raffle Hummingbirder Region: Florida Daylilies Container Gardener Butterflies
Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing yep Betty sure does. nodding

Lillian's Soft Kisses
Lillian's Hint of Sweetness
Lillian's Man Eater
Lillian's Essence of Love
Lillian's Essence of Inocence
Lillian's Jewel of the South
Lillian's Southern Bred Beauty

Edit 9-5 7:21am
Lillian's Flirtatious Eyes
Lillian's Flirtatious Beauty
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Sep 3, 2012 6:42 AM CST
Name: Cynthia (Cindy)
Melvindale, Mi (Zone 5b)
Daylilies Hybridizer Irises Butterflies Charter ATP Member Million Pollinator Garden Challenge
Birds Region: Michigan Vegetable Grower Hummingbirder Heucheras Lover of wildlife (Black bear badge)
Lillians Picture Perfect
Lillians Vision of Beauty
Lillians Drama Queen
Lillians Parade of Angels
Lillians Debutante's Dress
Lillians Playing Dress Up
Lillians Ruffled Romance
Lillians Visions of Ruffles
Lillians Colors of Angels
Lillians Southern Coast Belle
Lillians Bagels and Honey
Lillians Sweet Honey Buns
Lillians Delicate Diva
Lillians Delivering The Goods
Lillians Dynamic Debutante
Lillians Honey Hoedown
Lillians Hoedown Ruffles
Lillians Rufflemaster
Lillians Dawn of Beauty
Edit 9/3 7:l8
Lillians Tropical Treasure
Lillians Tropical Holiday
Lillians Party Time Ruffles
Lillians Tropical Art
Lillians Artistic Display

Edit 9/6/12 ll:06am

Lillians Dynamite Starburst
Lillians Dynamite Ruffles
Lillians Dynamite Universe

Lillians Dynamic Vision
Lillians Dynamic Dreams
Lillians Dynamic Impact
Lillians Dynamic Ruffles
Lillians Dynasty Starburst
Lillians Angel's Dynasty
Lighthouse Gardens
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Sep 3, 2012 7:18 AM CST
Name: Paula Shaw
Whittemore, Michigan (Zone 5a)
Birds Butterflies Daylilies Garden Art Hybridizer Irises
Region: Michigan
Lillian's Peekaboo Moon
Lillian's Lala Lambchop
Lillian's Angel's Halo
Lillian's Lamb's and Angel's
Lillian's Pink Taffeta Gown
Lillian's Whispering Angel's
Lillian's Moonbeam Baby
Lillian's Bubble Gum Yum Yum
Lillian's Baby Blowing Bubble's
Lillian's Blushing Baby Girl
Lillian's Labor of Love
Lillian's Frilly Blonde Baby
Lillian's Baby Lola Bunny
Lillian's Frilly Filly
Lillian's Gossimer Angel Wings

Lillian's Out of the Mouth of Babes
Lillian's Ma's Little Baa
Lillian's Ginger Soda Float
Lillian's Whispers in the Wind
Lillian's Blissfully Beautiful
Lillian's Alabama Beauty Queen
Lillian's Sweet Tweets
Lillian's Dream Cream
Lillian's Graceful Eyes

Edit@4:23 on 9/3/12
Lillian's Kathleen's Cookie's
Lillian's Kisses for Kathleen
Lillian's Kathleen's Cutie Pie
Lillian's Banana Moon Pie
Lillian's Swirl's and Curl's

Edit10:29 on 9/3/12
Lillian's Brilliant Fire Opal
Lillian's Sweet Ginger Cream
Lillian's Angel of the Morning
Lillian's Cheerful Smile
Edit 8:24am 9/4/12
Lillian's Lettuce Cup
Lillian's Ribbon's and Curl's
Lillian's Tough Guys Do Wear Pink
Lillian's Pink Saphhires and Pearls
Lillian's Berries A La Mode
Lillian's Angelic Music
Edit@11:30am 9/4/12
Lillian'sFlirtatious Kiwi Kisses
Lillian's Apple Blossom Bling
Lillian's Envious Edge
Lillian's Emerald Encounter
Lillian's Wiggles and Giggles
Edit@10:42 am 9/6/12
Lillian's Kathleen's Banana Souffle
Lillian's Petite Fille (French for little girl)
Lillian's Tutti Fruity Yum Yum
Lillian's Frilly Pink Tutu
Lillian's Garden Jewel
Edit@4:43pm 9/6/12
Lillian's Spring Fling
Lillian's Apple of My Eye
Lillian's Summer Sonata
Edit@10:49pm 9/6/12
Lillian's Oodles of Poodles
Lillian's Bubbly Pink Champagne
Edit@5:15 on 9/7/12
Lillian's Hanging on the Edge
Lillian's Ruffled Bloomers
Edit@9:09PM 9/7/12
Lillian's Curly Q's
Lillian's Soul of a Child
Currie's Daylily Farm
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Sep 3, 2012 7:28 AM CST
Name: Jan
Hustisford, WI
I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Cat Lover Daylilies Dog Lover Irises Region: United States of America
Region: Wisconsin
Lillian's Soft as Pudding

Edited 1412

Lilian's Butterscotch Pudding

Edited 9/6 2035
Lillian's Rethink Pink ( or rethink in pink) And if it is chosen, the credit goes to Shirlee.

I thought it was a butterscotch'y color with shades of pink!
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Sep 3, 2012 8:59 AM CST
Name: Betty
Bakersfield, CA
Charter ATP Member I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Birds The WITWIT Badge Garden Ideas: Level 1 Roses
Irises Daylilies Cat Lover Region: California Region: United States of America
Thanks Fred! I was already thinking this is Tuesday... But it's Monday, right?

Lillian's Alabama Sweetheart
Lillian's Ruffles 'n Lace
Lillian's Zen Moment
Lillian's Spring Bonnet
Lillian's Easter Surprise
Lillian's Easter Egg Hunt
Lillian's Easter Hat
Lillian's Easter Chicks
Lillian's Ready For Easter
Lillian's Frosted Lipstick
Lillian's Winter Mittens
Lillian's Frosted Starlight
Lillian's Frosty Morning
Lillian's Strawberry Shake
Lillian's Strawberry Frosty
Lillian's Strawberry Sundae
Lillian's Strawberries 'n Lace
Lillian's Pastel Watercolor
Lillian's Pastel Lace
Lillian's Pastel Party
Lillian's Pastel And Pretty
Lillian's Pretty And Pastel
Lillian's Peaceful Memories
Lillian's Clear And Crisp
Lillian's Mellow Touch
Lillian's Soft Side
Lillian's Softer Side
Lillian's Fruit Custard
Lillian's Frosted Cupcake
Lillian's Laced Angel
Lillian's Angel Ruffles
Lillian's Sweet 'n Tart
Lillian's Sweet Yet Tart
Lillian's No Rain Today
Lillian's Opal Angel
Lillian's Dandy Candy
Lillian's Alabama Angel
Lillian's All Ruffled Up
Finished 10:13 a.m. CT, 9/3/12

Edit 10:41 a.m. CT, 9/3/12
Lillian's Southern Blush
Lillian's Halo Blush
Lillian's Southern Halo
Lillian's Alabama Halo
Lillian's Blushing Halo
Lillian's Green Eyed Gal
Lillian's Blonde And Beautiful
Lillian's Blonde 'n Beautiful
Lillian's Halo Time
Lillian's Halo Sunrise
Lillian's Ruffled Frosting

Edit: 11:00 a.m. CT, 9/3/12
Lillian's Southern Angel

Edit: 11:55 a.m. CT, 9/3/12
Lillian's Fred's Fantasy
Lillian's Southern Fantasy
Lillian's Southern Fancy
Lillian's Southern Vision
Lillian's Summer Vision
Lillian's Flamingo Feathers
Lillian's Fancy Flamingo
Lillian's Fanciful Flamingo
Lillian's Flamingo Frenzy
Lillian's Spunky Flamingo
Lillian's Spunky Fantasy
Lillian's Fanciful Fantasy
Lillian's Flowers In Her Hair
Lillian's Flower Fantasy
Lillian's Fantasy Flower

Edit: 12:26 p.m. CT, 9/3/12
Lillian's Beyond Awesome
Lillian's Easter Morning
Lillian's Marvelous Maven
Lillian's Pineapple Margarita
Lillian's Lip Gloss
Lillian's Frosted Lip Gloss
Lillian's Ruffled Fantasy
Lillian's Ruffled Vision
Lillian's Gathering Angels

Edit: 12:31 p.m. CT, 9/3/12
Lillian's Seeing Green
Lillian's Green Throat
Lillian's Strep Throat

Edit: 2:14 p.m. CT, 9/3/12
Lillian's Strawberry Kiwi
Lillian's Kiwi Adventure
Lillian's Kiwi Surprise
Lillian's Kiwi Delight
Lillian's Subtle and Sweet
Lillian's Sweet And Subtle
Lillian's Emerald Core
Lillian's Emerald Shores
Lillian's Emerald Cove
Lillian's Emerald Surprise
Lillian's Glowing Emerald
Lilian's Glowing Emerald Eye
Lillian's Strawberry Fields
Lillian's Strawberry Delight
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Sep 3, 2012 9:55 AM CST
Name: shirlee
southeast (Zone 6b)
Daylilies Hybridizer Seed Starter Pollen collector Garden Photography Garden Ideas: Level 1
Butterflies Birds Dragonflies Canning and food preservation Herbs Vegetable Grower
Oh my, such wonderful names already for such a beautiful flower!!
Sep 3, 2012 10:52 AM CST
Name: shirlee
southeast (Zone 6b)
Daylilies Hybridizer Seed Starter Pollen collector Garden Photography Garden Ideas: Level 1
Butterflies Birds Dragonflies Canning and food preservation Herbs Vegetable Grower
Do you mind if I play again? It is fun to do!!

Lillian's Eyes on the Green
Lillian's Just Dessert
Lillian's Golf on the Green
Lillian's Pineapple Tart
Lillian's Pineapple Smoothie
Lillian's Pineapple Cobbler
Lillian's Irish Cobbler
Lillian's Fabulous Frills
Lillian's Summer Bonnet
Lillian's Cherry Pineapple

edited 1:00 pm
Lillian's Parisian Bonnet
Lillian's Cherry Pineapple
Lillian's Parisian Chic

edited 1:12 pm
Lillian's Days of Ambrosia
Lillian's Ambrosia Days

edited 1:16 pm 9-3-12
Lillian's Green Eyeshadow

edited 1:26 pm
Lillian's The Sweetest Thing

edited 1:51 pm 9-3-12
Lillian's Ambrosia Rings
Lillian's Ambrosia Cup
Lillian's Soft and Sassy
Lillian's Softly Spoken
Lillian's Summer Daze
Lillian's Afternoon Colors
Lillian's Bridal Veil
Lillian's Bridal Rings
Lillian's The Eyes Have It
Lillian's Softly Spoken For

edited 2:22 pm
Lillian's Dreamsicle Delight

edited 2:29 pm
Lillian's Green Eye Shadow
Lillian's Tutti Fruiti
Lillian's Tutti Fruiti Treat

edited 2:44 pm
Lillian's Brandy Kissed
Lillian's Brandy Kisses
Lillian's Hint of Brandy
Lillian's Sliced Peaches
Lillian's Taste of Brandy

edited 2:48 pm
Lillian's Apricot Brandy
Lillian's Apricot Rings
Lillian's Apricot Kisses
Lillian's Apricot Kissed
Lillian's Cantaloupe Slices
Lillian's Sliced Cantaloupe

edited 8:34 pm
Lillian's Radiant Sunrise
Lillian's Project Sunrise
Lillian's Sunshine Cooler
Lillian's On the Grid
Lillian's Project Lollipop

edited 8:56 pm
Lillian's Mango and Honey
Lillian's Mango Honey
Lillian's Tropical Rays

edited 9:04 eastern
Lillian's She's Got It!
Lillian's Mango Smoothie

edited 9:33 pm eastern
Lillian's Moonlight Rays
Lillian's Mango Splash
Lillian's Melon Yellow
Lillian's Heartbreak Honey

edited 9:34 pm
Lillian's Eye on the Green

edited 9:49 pm
Lillian's Fire Opal Rings

edited 9:55 pm
Lillian's Radiant Gemstone
Lillian's Gemstone Brilliance

edited 10:10 pm
Lillian's Circle the Sun

edited 10:11 pm
Lillian's Circling the Sun

edited 10:34 pm
Lillian's Moonlit Magic
Lillian's Eye Makeup
Lillian's Eye Am Watching You
Lillian's Pink Passion
Lillian's Princess Peach

edited 11:03 pm
Lillian's Pickled Peaches

edited 10:54 am eastern 9-4-12
Lillian's Eye See You

edited 10:59 am eastern
Lillian's Sapphire and Opal
Lillian's Sapphire 'n Opal

edited 11:05 am eastern
Lillian's Coral and Opal
Lillian's Coral Fusion
Lillian's Coral Pendant
Lillian's Coral Beach
Lillian's Coral Beaches
Lillian's Coral 'n Opal Fusion

edited 11:09 am
Lillian's Coral Countess
Lillian's Coral Contessa

edited 11:12 am
Lillian's Fire-Opal Contessa
Lillian's Fire Opal Contessa

edited 11:22 am
Lillian's Topaz and Coral Gem
Lillian's Fire Opal Gemstone
Lillian's Fire-Opal Gemstone
Lillian's Coral Gemstone

edited 11:29 am
Lillian's Sapphires and Pearls
Lillian's Sapphires 'n Pearls

edited 11:35 am
Lillian's Fire Opal Gem
Lillian's Fire-Opal Gem

edited 1:58 pm eastern 9-4-12
Lillian's Contessa Coral
Lillian's Cabochon Coral (cabochon = rounded gem-cutting)
Lillian's Cabochon Sapphire
Lillian's Cabochon Opal
Lillian's Alabama Contessa
Lillian's Gulf Coast Contessa
Lillian's Reminiscent Gem
Lillian's Reminiscent Countess
Lillian's Reminiscent Contessa
Lillian's Coral Persuasion

edited 2:02 pm 9-4-12
Lillian's Coral 'n Lime Gem
Lillian's Coral and Lime Gem
Lillian's Coral and Lime
Lillian's Lime and Coral

edited 2:08 pm
Lillian's Lime on Coral Sands

edited 12:01 am 9-5-12
Lillian's Mango and Lime
Lillian's Eye Movement
Lillian's See What Eye See
Lillian's Eye Level
Lillian's Look Me in the Eye
Lillian's Coral Reef

edited 12:08 am 9-5-12
Lillian's Coral Kaleidoscope
Lillian's Redeye Flight
Lillian's Rose Eye Starburst
Lillian's Coral Eye Starburst

edited 12:13 am 9-5-12
Lillian's Eye Examination
Lillian's Eye Exam
Lillian's Eye Gallery

edited 12:19 am 9-5-12
Lillian's Red-Eye Flight
Lillian's Taking the Red-Eye

edited 10:23 am 9-5-12 eastern
Lillian's Salmon 'n Mint Jelly
Lillian's Salmon Patty

edited 3:46 pm 9-5-12
Lillian's Coral Seashells

edited 3:55 pm 9-5-12
Lillian's Butterfly Impression
Lillian's Butterfly Influence
Lillian's Butterfly Impact

edited 6:32 pm 9-5-12 eastern
Lillian's Coral-Jade Gem

edited 6:50 pm 9-5-12 eastern
Lillian's Pistachio Pit
Lillian's Pistachio Core
Lillian's Pistachio and Coral
Lillian's Pistachio Marvel

edited 6:52 pm 9-5-12
Lillian's Coral Scallops

edited 6:55 pm 9-5-12
Lillian's Creme de Menthe

edited 7:15 pm 9-5-12
Lillian's Coral Corona

edited 1:20 am 9-6-12 eastern
Lillian's Coral Duchess
Lillian's Duchess of Coral
Lillian's Coral Starburst
Lillian's Coral Perfusion
Lillian's Coral Composition
Lillian's Coral Ring Mist
Lillian's Coral Semi-Circles
Lillian's Rhapsody in Coral
Lillian's Rhapsody of Coral

edited 1:36 am 9-6-12
Lillian's Coral Design

edited 1:46 am 9-6-12
Lillian's Designer Coral-Jade
Lillian's Designer Coral-Mint

edited 10:22 am 9-6-12
Lillian's Flamboyant Coral
Lillian's Coral Flare
Lillian's Coral Flair
Lillian's Coral Elegance
Lillian's Coral Panache
Lillian's Coral Flicker
Lillian's Eye See Coral

edited 9:06 pm 9-6-2012
Lillian's Cherry Blossom Pink
Lillian's Pink Sand Dollar
Lillian's Baby Blanket Pink
Lillian's Watermelon Ring
Lillian's Initial Blush
Lillian's Cotton Candy Pink
Lillian's Delicate Petals
Lillian's Soft Serenade
Lillian's Pink Highlighter
Lillian's Sand Dollar Blush

edited 9:23 pm 9-6-12
Lillian's Cherry-Lime Spritzer

edited 11:04 pm 9-6-12
Lillian's Sangria Spritzer

edited 11:43 am 9-7-12 eastern
Lillian's Ruffled Scallops

edited 11:46 am
Lillian's Eye See Seashells

edited 11:54 am
Lillian's Pretty Parasol
Lillian's Ruffled Parasol
Lillian's Scalloped Parasol

edited 8:21 pm 9-7-12
Lillian's Girly Fashion
Lillian's Seashore Seashells
Lillian's Bee in my Bonnet
Lillian's Rosy Clam Shells
Lillian's Folk Costume
Lillian's Crinoline Frills
Lillian's Shells and Frills

edited 8:34 pm
Lillian's Go Loop de Loop
Lillian's Circled Perfusion
Lillian's Fairy Glow
Lillian's Fairy Dress
Lillian's Loops and Ruffles

edited 8:53 pm to remove one that is a duplicate. Oops!
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Sep 3, 2012 11:52 AM CST
Name: Betty
MN zone 4b
Frogs and Toads Birds Hummingbirder Irises Lilies Peonies
Roses Garden Ideas: Level 1 Region: United States of America Hostas Garden Art Echinacea
Lillian's Morning Light
If you want to be happy for a lifetime plant a garden!
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Betty MN Zone4 AHS member

Sep 3, 2012 1:05 PM CST
Name: Betty
Bakersfield, CA
Charter ATP Member I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Birds The WITWIT Badge Garden Ideas: Level 1 Roses
Irises Daylilies Cat Lover Region: California Region: United States of America
Lillian's Perfect Picotee
Lillian's Perfect Fantasy
Lillian's Near Perfection
Lillian's Perfectly Perfect

Edit: 2:32 p.m. CT, 9/3/12
Lillian's Strawberry Supernova
Lillian's Strawberry Burst
Lillian's Strawberry Fission
Lillian's Strawberry Fizz
Lillian's Expanding Universe
Lillian's Orbiting Angels
Lillian's Halo Effect

Edit: 3:49 p.m. CT, 9/3/12
Lillian's Strawberry Preserves
Lillian's I'm Home Honey
Lillian's Honey Treat
Lillian's Honey Treats
Lillian's Champagne Ruffles
Lillian's Buncha Ruffles
Lillian's Gamma Ray Ruffles
Lillian's Light Rays
Lillian's Waves Of Light
Lillian's Curls And Swurls
Lillian's Curly Swirly
Lillian's Curly Swurly
Lillian's Curly Confetti
Lillian's Kiwi Confetti
Lillian's Kiwi Konfetti
Lillian's Kiwi Connection
Lillian's Kiwi Konnection
Lillian's Kiwi Heart

Edit: 4:43 p.m. CT, 9/3/12
Lillian's Rainbow Rays
Lillian's Rainbow Delight
Lillian's Rainbow Surprise
Lillian's Rainbow Rings
Lillian's Rainbow Halo
Lillian's Pastoral Palmettos

Edit: 9:06 p.m. CT, 9/3/12
Lillian's Bama Rama
Lillian's Bama-Rama
Lillian's Alabama Beauty
Lillian's Strawberry Sorbet
Lillian's Subtle Virtue
Lillian's Subtle Virtues
Lillian's Opal Elegance

Edit: 9:25 p.m. CT, 9/3/12
Lillian's Strawberry Mints

Edit: 10:05 p.m. CT, 9/3/12
Lillian's Frilly Mints
Lillian's Mint Kisses

Edit: 11:47 p.m. CT, 9/3/12
Lillian's Strawberry Nebula

Edit: 10:47 a.m. CT, 9/4/12
Lillian's Bamarama
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Sep 3, 2012 2:29 PM CST
Name: Kim W
Md (Zone 6a)
More daylilies!!!!
Charter ATP Member I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Pollen collector Cat Lover Daylilies Plant and/or Seed Trader
Hostas Echinacea Garden Art Region: Northeast US Region: United States of America
Lillian's Pinky and The Brain
Lillian's Peerless Pink
Lillian's Pink Heart
Lillian's Angels Fire
Lillian's Angels Wings
Lillian's Angel Harp Music
Lillian's Angels Heart
Lillian's Southern Lass
Lillian's Southern Miss

edited 4:32 pm 9-3-12
Lillian's Girl Power
Lillian's Powder Puff Pink
Lillian's Powder Puff Girls
Lillian's Cabbage Patch Kids
Lillian's Pastel Patience
Lillian's Pink Patience
Lillian's Patient Perfection
Lillian's Patient Pink
Lillian's Patient Pearls
Lillian's Patient Smiles
Lillian's Patient Parent

Edited 5:09 pm 9-3-12

Lillian's Fluffy Stuff
Lillian's Fluffy Muffin
Lillian's Stud Muffin
Lillian's Gotta Have Soul
Lillian's Pink Pepper Berry
Lillian's Pink Peppercorn
Lillian's Pink Sea Salt
Lillian's Bubblegum Cloud
Lillian's Bubblegum Berry
Lillian's Bubblegum Beauty
Lillian's Strawberry Soup
Lillian's Sprinkles
Lillian's Bubblegum Ice cream
Lillian's Marshmellow Macaroon
Lillian's Marvelous Macaroon
Lillian's Hello Kitty
Lillian's Pink Whip
Lillian's Cotton Candy Cooler
Lillian's Pink Diva
Lillian's Pink Jellybean
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Sep 3, 2012 5:49 PM CST

Lillian's Alabama Mint Julep

Edit 6:05 est. 9/5

Lillian's Pink Pearl Necklace
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Sep 3, 2012 6:24 PM CST
Name: Debra
Garland, TX (NE Dallas suburb) (Zone 8a)
Rescue dogs: Angels with paws needi
Dragonflies Dog Lover Bookworm I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Garden Photography Bee Lover
Plays in the sandbox Butterflies Region: Texas Garden Sages I sent a postcard to Randy! Charter ATP Member
Lillian's Angel Song
Lillian’s Angels on the Wing
Lillian’s Pink Peach Parfait
Lillian's Cloudberry Spritzer
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Sep 3, 2012 6:51 PM CST
Name: Brian
Ontario Canada (Zone 5b)
Lillian's Loveliness and Lace
Lillian's Appleblossom Lace
Lilian's Frilled Fantasy
Lilian's Regally Ruffled
Lilian's Frilled Elegance
Lilian's Puckered Pink Panache
Lilian's Pink Panache
Lilian's Puckered Panache
Lilian's Panache
Lilian's Rose Coloured Glasses
Lilian's Lacy Pink Teddy
Lilian's Lacy Teddy
Lilian's Lacy Elegance
Lilian's Pink Evening Gown
Lilian's Bloodshot Eyes
Lilian's Lacy Pink Panache
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Sep 3, 2012 7:00 PM CST
Name: Susan
Virginia (Zone 8a)
God is the only thing that matters.
I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Garden Ideas: Level 1 Avid Green Pages Reviewer Hibiscus Dragonflies Daylilies
Bee Lover Dahlias Butterflies Hostas Birds Lilies
Looks like fun! Green Grin!

Lillian's Soul Child
Lillian's Soul Power
Lillian's American Ruffles
Lillian's Ruffled Dress
Lillian's Ruffled Flower
Lillian's Ruffled Daylily
Lillian's Ruffled Soul
Lillian's Lite my Fire
Lillian's Lite my Ruffles
Lillian's Ruffled Fire
Lillian's Fire Angel
Lillian's Beautiful Soul
Lillian's Beautiful Fire
Lillian's Beautiful Ruffles
Lillian's Beautiful Angel
Lillian's Beautiful Flower
Lillian's Beautiful Daylily
edit @ 6.42pm 09-06
Lillian's American Pie
Lillian's Ruffled Fairy
Lillian's Tasty Dessert
edit 9:59 on 9-7
Lillian's Ruffled in Pink
Lillian's Ruffled Kiss
edit 7:20pm 9-6-12

I erased most of the ones with 'pink' in the name because without the word pink they were all a match in the data base.
Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. Mat.6:28-29
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Sep 3, 2012 7:39 PM CST
Name: Michele
Cantonment, FL zone 8b
Seller of Garden Stuff Region: United States of America I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Dragonflies Pollen collector Garden Ideas: Level 2
Hosted a Not-A-Raffle-Raffle Hummingbirder Region: Florida Daylilies Container Gardener Butterflies
great names everyone Hurray! Hurray!
Sep 4, 2012 9:51 AM CST
Name: Betty
Bakersfield, CA
Charter ATP Member I was one of the first 300 contributors to the plant database! Birds The WITWIT Badge Garden Ideas: Level 1 Roses
Irises Daylilies Cat Lover Region: California Region: United States of America
Lillian's Shared Memories
Lillian's Vivid Memories
Lillian's Wonderful Memories
Lillian's Past Remembered
Lillian's Bubbles And Baubles
Lillian's Honey Bubbles
Lillian's Bubble Ruffles
Lillian's Bubbles And Ruffles
Lillian's Antique Ruffles
Lillian's Hello Friend

Edit: 11:26 a.m. CT, 9/4/12
Lillian's Friends Remembered
Lillian's Antique Ring
Lillian's Antique Rings
Lillian's Antique Jewelry
Lillian's Antique Emerald
Lillian's Antique Floral
Lillian's Floral Tapestry
Lillian's Floral Antiques
Lillian's Pink Sapphire Brooch
Lillian's Pink Diamond Brooch
Lillian's Tourmaline Brooch
Lillian's Rose Zircon Brooch
Lillian's Antique Tourmaline
Lillian's Antique Bubbles
Lillian's Buncha Bubbles

Edit: 11:59 p.m. CT, 9/5/12
Lillian's Reggae Rhythm
Lillian's Reggae Ruffles
Lillian's Caribbean Rhythm
Lillian's Tropical Rhythm
Lillian's Tropical Ruffles
Lillian's Caribbean Ruffles
Lillian's Reggae Band
Lillian's Merengue Band
Lillian's No Fly Zone
Lillian's Triple Surprise

Edit 12:37 p.m. CT, 9/6/12
Lillian's Dust Ruffles
Lillian's Sunshine Lollipops
Lillian's Lollipop Rainbows
Lillian's Lollipop Ruffles
Lillian's Rainbow Frosting
Lillian's Frosted Rainbows
Lillian's Frosted Bubbles

Edit 5:40 p.m. CT, 9/6/12
Lillian's Easter Cupcakes
Lillian's Easter Mints
Lillian's Flowers And Fronds
Lillian's Rainbow Lollipops

Edit: 9:21 p.m. CT, 9/7/12
Lillian's Elegant Design
Lillian's Distinctly Different
Lillian's Distinctive Design
Lillian's Distinctly Delicate
Lillian's Distinctly Delicious
Lillian's Hallucinating Again
Lillian's Dreaming Of Spring
Lillian's Spring Again
Lillian's Springtime Social

Edit: 11:25 p.m. CT, 9/7/12
Lillian's Eye Rings
Lillian's Sculpted Eyes
Lillian's Wrinkled Eyes
Lillian's Crinkled Eyes
Lillian's Eye Wrinkles
Lillian's Eye Crinkles
Lillian's Wrinkles 'n Crinkles
Lillian's Crinkles 'n Wrinkles
Lillian's Crinkled Wrinkles
Lillian's Wrinkled Crinkles
Lillian's Crinkles 'n Sprinkles
Lillian's Wrinkles 'n Sprinkles
Lillian's Crinkle Sprinkles
Lillian's Wrinkle Sprinkles
Lillian's Pink Crinkle Cookies
Lillian's Pink Crinkled Eyes
Lillian's Crinkled Pink Halo
Lillian's Crinkled Pink Halos
Lillian's Crinkled Pink
Lillian's Ruffles And Grins
Lillian's Crinkles And Grins
Lillian's Laugh Wrinkles
Lillian's All Puckered Up
Lillian's What A Hoot

Edit: 11:49 p.m. CT, 9/7/12
Lillian's Pink Wrinkles
Lillian's Ruffles And Wrinkles
Lillian's Ruffles And Crinkles
Lillian's Wrinkles And Ruffles
Lillian's Crinkles And Ruffles
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Sep 5, 2012 10:21 AM CST
Name: Mona
Guntown, Ms (Zone 7b)
I love nature & everything outdoors
Daylilies Dog Lover
Lillian's Ribbons and Pearls
Lillian's Ring of Pearls
String of Pearls
Row of Pearls
Pink Ribbons
Ribbons of Pink
Rainbow of Ribbons
Eye of Pink

Wow, I need to make a copy of all of the names. These are all great and I'm proud it's Fred making the decision and not me. Good Luck to all!
Sep 5, 2012 4:21 PM CST
Name: Leslie Mauck
Chapin, SC (Zone 7b)
Birds Plant and/or Seed Trader Region: South Carolina Lover of wildlife (Raccoon badge) Pollen collector Hummingbirder
Hostas Daylilies Container Gardener Cat Lover Butterflies Lover of wildlife (Black bear badge)
Lillian's Tropical Rainbow
Lillian's Rainbow Ruffles

Edited: 9/6 12:11 EST
L's Bouncing Baby Bubbles
L's Bubble Up
L's Rainbow Bubbles
L's Rainbow Road
L's Rainbow Row
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