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Apr 10, 2020 1:55 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Carlos
Chicago, IL (Zone 5b)
Brighton Park Iris
Hello everyone! Since we can't meet at Presby, I'll bring a little Presby to you. Here are some photos that I took of the historics and I'll later post the small number of moderns that were in bloom.

ACROPOLE, TB, Ferdinand Cayeux 1939

ALIQUIPPA, TB, Charles Hall 1924

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/83a5e4

APROPOS, TB, Sanford Babson 1964

ART OF RAPHAEL, TB, Lloyd Zurbrigg 1979

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/28eb04
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/0e188b
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/f392e4

AT DAWNING, TB, James Kirkland 1935
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/494610
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/c94479
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/30240f
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/2e22ea

ATTENTION PLEASE, TB, Hubert C. Mohr 1974
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/0c84cc
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/4dd2e5

AUTUMN SUNSET, TB, E. Greig Laphap 1939
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/8cec4a
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/e5de7d

BALMUNG, TB, Hans Peter Sass 1939
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/199f35
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/3e2864
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/892714
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/7981b4

BANG, TB, Tom Craig 1955
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/507d5d
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a2875a

BAYBERRY CANDLE, TB, Caroline DeForest 1969
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/1dbfd1
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/3149df

BLACK BEAUTY & PICADOR, TBs, James Kirland 1934 & Benjamin Morrison 1928

BLACK WINGS, TB, James Kirkland 1930
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/4e93a8
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/c2308e

BLUE CHINTZ, TB, Frank Burton 1928

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/1556f3

BLUE FLUTE, BB, Harry Kuesel 1963

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/756d3f

BLUE SERENE, TB, Jesse Wills 1953
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/81800c
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/8eeb8e
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/bce60e
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/62489c

BRISING, TB, Goos & Koenemann 1930
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/cc6bc5
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/0c6473

CAMELIARD, TB, Grace Sturtevant 1927
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/bd0f45
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a944a4

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/8d8c6d
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/aac8d3
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/119689

CASHMERE, TB, Orville Fay 1959
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/516fc9
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/c1b592

CASSELMAN Sdlg. #240050, TB, Arthur Casselman
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a88c63
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/ccd8c7

CAYENNE CAPERS, TB, James Gibson 1959
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/899828
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/bb6f46

CHALICE, TB, Grace Sturtevant 1924
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a2c2b9
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/c1aa85

CHAMPAGNE ELEGANCE, TB, O. David Niswonger 1987
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/caa4c0
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/9cf531

CHERIE, TB, David Hall 1948
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/ffe0ba
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/49e830

CHERRY FLIP, TB, Schreiner 1951
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/2a7110

CHINA MAID, TB, Carl Miliken 1936
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/0a3049
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/30c272

CHRISTABEL, TB, E. Greig Lapham 1936
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/e73471
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a3251b

CINNABAR, TB, Edward B. Williamson 1928
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/9e58b0
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/2a7824

CLARA NOYES, TB, Hans Peter Sass 1930
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/e1c14a

COLOR CARNIVAL, TB, Fred DeForest 1949
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/812297
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/ce69c4

COPPER FRILLS, TB, Agnes Whiting 1941
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/7aaa7b

CORAL CHALICE, TB, O. David Niswonger 1983
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/79ddb9

CRYSTAL GLITTERS, TB, Schreiner's 1985
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/872c6c

DA CAPO, TB, Lloyd Zurbrigg 1960

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/d4a71b

DON JUAN, TB, Ferdinand Cayeux 1928
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/4eefa7

DR. BERNICE, TB, Hooper & Co. 1863
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/c97450
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/536c62

EASTMONT, TB, Gordon Plough 1956


Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/7a7f0f

FOURTH OF JULY, TB, Clifford Reynolds 1962
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a9d4b5
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/381b6d

FRA ANGELICO, TB, Vilmorin Andrieux et Cie 1926

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/17ec02
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/b45ec3

FRECKLES, TB, Joseph Becherer 1941
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/ba916d
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a0305a

FRESH FACE, SDB, Anthony & Dorothy Willott 1978
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/443586

GLACIER, TB, Jean Cayeux 1962

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/373ca7

GOLD STREAM, TB, Violet Edlmann / Lady Collett 1929
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/73d400
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/e81081

GOLDBEATER, TB, Rudolph Kleinsorge 1944
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/66e684
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/1e78e5

GOOD SHOW, TB, Ben Hager 1988
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/40db46
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/73fe79

GYPSY BARON, TB, Schreiner's 1941
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/2eb331

HARVEST SPLENDOR, TB, Rudolph Kleinsorge 1956
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/51e7de

H√ČLIOS, TB, Ferdinand Cayeux 1929
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/5fedbe
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/18f4d1
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/7bf8b4

HOOSIER SUNRISE, TB, E. Greig Lapham 1940

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/f29d5d

INDIAN HILLS, TB, Dr. Henry Grant 1935
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/0dae95

ISTRIA, TB, William R. Dykes 1922

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/4766d1

JERRY, TB, E. Greig Lapham, 1933
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/bdec2d
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/ae19e1

JOYANCE, TB, Kathrine Dykes 1929
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/dcb8b3
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/988770
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/539f38

KING JUBA, TB, Hans Peter Sass 1931
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/6e2dbc
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/c80cb9
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/c4a8a5

KING TUT, TB, Hans Peter Sass 1926
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a302e3
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/6ce4ed

LATIN ROCK, TB, Schreiner's 1984
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/d33123
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/bd5ae8

LINDORA, TB, Sass Brothers 1950
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/9d9505
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a42841
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/d22f79
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/bba654

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/dc47e9
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/3ad424

LORD BALTIMORE, TB, Dr. Charlie Nearpass 1969
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/dab946
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/471ba1

MAIRE PINEL, TB, Jean Collins 1968

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/ffd81a

MAJENICA, TB, Paul Cook 1941

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a0b2b1

MANYUSYA, TB, Jacob Sass 1944

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/d20936

MAROON DAMASK, TB, Rudolph Kleinsorge 1945
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/67ac53

MARY PICKFORD, TB, Cliff Benson 1959
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/39b537
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/7cc5b5

MARY VERNON, TB, William McKee 1941

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/05c8fe

MATTIE GATES, TB, Henry Sass 1945
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/cfb854
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/e7cc15

MAY ALLISON, TB, Mary Allison 1920
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/96525e

MIDGARD, TB, Hans Peter Sass 1926
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/eff2ef
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a95150

MIDWEST, TB, Hans Peter Sass 1922
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/1ddd9d
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/2a4cb7

MONTSERRAT, TB, Benjamin Morrison 1923

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/76ab3b
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/6c4f6b
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/16d223

MOUNT TIMP, TB, Tell Muhlestein 1945
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/934b92
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/5bb24b
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/364a25
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/5c1414
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/d39670

MULBERRY ROSE, TB, Schreiner's 1941
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/2503a7
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/23da6e

NIGHT HAWK, TB, Cliff Benson 1973

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/8fbe4a

OPALINE, TB, Edward B. Williamson 1928
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/054629
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/49103f

PALOMINO, TB, David Hall 1951
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/de8e41
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/175e90

PARADISE PINK, TB, E. Greig Lapham 1950

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/600b36

PINK JADU, TB, Grace Sturtevant 1931

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/396c6c

PRELUDE, TB, Grace Sturtevant 1933

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/45926d

PRETTY PANSY, TB, Henry Sass 1949
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/3d8962
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/6b05f2

PRINCESS ROYAL, TB, Thomas Smith 1902
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a9f02c
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/4d262a

PROPHECY, TB, Joesph Ghio 1970
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/d9a07b

PROSPERO, TB, George Yeld 1920
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/5c9ab0
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/98da9e

QUAKER LADY, TB, Bertrand Farr 1909
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/d16c8f

QUEEN CATERINA, TB, Grace Sturtevant 1918

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/618db5
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/b34e34

RASPBERRY RIBBON, TB, Schreiner's 1951
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/82b68a
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/afac03

RED CLOUD, TB, Bertrand Farr 1913
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/8379cb
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/23ce27

REFRESHING, TB, Joseph Hoage 1972
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/44c362
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/d5a039

RHAGES, TB, Franklin Mead by John Riedel 1934
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/d6f07d
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a700c6
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/f511a8

ROMEO, TB, Millet et Fils 1912
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/ba3aa3

ROSE AMETHYST, TB, Rudolph Kleinsorge 1957

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/d4676f

ROSE MARIE, TB, Ferdinand Cayeux 1929
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/87188e
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/111b6a

ROSY WINGS, TB, L. Merton Gage 1935
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/cbb247
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/6912a7

ROYAL COACH, TB, Hans Peter Sass 1939
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/b24581
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/9fb615

RUTH OF MOAB, TB, Bernice Miller 1973
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/c4ac8b
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/c255c0

SHASTA, TB, William Mohr & Sydney Mitchell 1927

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/8beda9

SNOW GODDESS, Joseph Bercherer 1955

SPARTAN, TB, Schreiner's 1973
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/495735
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/73988f

SPLASH O' WINE, TB, Robert Vogel 1973
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/ab5081

STARBUST, TB, Chet Tompkins 1967
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/16751b
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/086f0e

STARDOM, TB, David Hall 1941
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/6c2b5b
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/997d55

STILL NIGHT, TB, Jean Stevens 1955

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/3290c9

STUDY IN BLACK, TB, Gordon Plough 1968
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/1f9d22
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/95fe8e

TANGO, TB, Sass Brothers 1954
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/c31a71
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/f90077
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/437ca0

TENNISON RIDGE, TB, James Begley by James McWhirter 1989
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/e37c63
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/8b01f9

U-TURN, SDB, Carl Boswell 1991
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/8c8533
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a8d217

VELVET GLOW, IB, Alta Brown by Jack Boushay 1975

VIOLET SUPREME, TB, Lloyd Zurbrigg 1971

Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/0c0093

VIRGINIA MOORE, TB, James Marion Shull 1920
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/f3bc61
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/94d7fc

VOLTIGEUR, Ferdinand Cayeux 1934
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/c907a6
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/e3d869

WACONDA, TB, Henry Peter Sass 1930
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/c1a951
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a3cce4
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/8b8c9b

WALHALLA, IB, Goos & Koenemann 1908
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/ed42b6

WHITE CITY, TB, Olive Murrel 1939
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/69e0a0

WINNER'S CIRCLE, TB, Gordon Plough 1972
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/f73fe4
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/572e71

ZEBULON, TB, Ella Callis 1941
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/03187c
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/c57f03
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Apr 10, 2020 2:00 PM CST
Name: Monty Riggles
Henry County, Virginia (Zone 7b)
Do you ever wonder if you have too
Irises Region: Virginia Keeper of Poultry Cat Lover Garden Procrastinator
Lots of lovely ones. Thanks! Thank You!
TB 'Starting Fresh' blooming for me in May of 2022. It bloomed for a week and a half with nine buds.
Apr 10, 2020 2:14 PM CST
Thread OP
Name: Carlos
Chicago, IL (Zone 5b)
Brighton Park Iris
Technical difficulties. They should all be there now.
Apr 10, 2020 3:07 PM CST
Name: Lucy
Tri Cities, WA (Zone 6b)
Charter ATP Member Cottage Gardener Irises Region: Northeast US Region: United Kingdom Region: United States of America
Enjoys or suffers cold winters
Fantastic history of bearded irises!
Avatar for GuiseppeJ
Apr 10, 2020 3:19 PM CST

Neat trip down memory lane. I grew some in my early collections. Remember the NYC National in l970 for the 50th Annivsersary of the AIS founding. Everything was perfect, the weather, peak bloom and unbelievable estate gardens, especially the Kenneth Smith garden in Staten Isl. looking out to the Statue of Liberty to Wall St. area of NYC. We visited Presby with Barbara Walthers holding court. Here actually saw irises I just knew thru pedigrees. But the surprise to me was to find GOLDFISH, a 1924 introduction. It amazing, pinkish yellow with a TANGERINE beard! It was never recognized for the significant break it was. It wouldn't be some 20 years later that David Hall broke thru with his "flamingo" pink with tangerine beards. This would have occurred 20 years earlier if they had "discover" GOLDFISH when it made its debut.
Apr 10, 2020 4:41 PM CST
Name: Tom
Southern Wisconsin (Zone 5b)
Butterflies Vegetable Grower Keeper of Poultry Irises Keeps Horses Dog Lover
Daylilies Cat Lover Region: Wisconsin Celebrating Gardening: 2015
I sure enjoyed your post of historics. There are some I'd love to add to my historic collection.
Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed often, and for the same reason.
Apr 10, 2020 5:28 PM CST
Name: Leslie
Durham, NC (Zone 8a)
Garden Photography Cat Lover Irises Region: North Carolina Peonies Enjoys or suffers hot summers
Celebrating Gardening: 2015
Carlos, thanks for posting so many beauties. Your pictures verified for me that my Art of Raphael is correct. The description always threw me off.

I am in love with U-Turn.
"The chimera is a one time happenstance event where the plant has a senior moment and forgets what it is doing." - Paul Black
Apr 10, 2020 11:29 PM CST
Name: Robin
Melbourne, Australia (Zone 10b)
Region: Australia Garden Photography Cat Lover Irises Seed Starter
BrightonPark said:

COPPER FRILLS, TB, Agnes Whiting 1941
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/7aaa7b

FOURTH OF JULY, TB, Clifford Reynolds 1962
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a9d4b5
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/381b6d

U-TURN, SDB, Carl Boswell 1991
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/8c8533
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/a8d217

WINNER'S CIRCLE, TB, Gordon Plough 1972
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/f73fe4
Thumb of 2020-04-10/BrightonPark/572e71

That is a beautiful collection. These are my favourites Lovey dubby .
Apr 11, 2020 3:32 AM CST
Name: Dianne
South Island, New Zealand (Zone 9a)
Thank you Carlos for your posting - plenty to love and also to research. Nice to see Jean Stevens (NZ) represented. I know you've had input with an iris (mainly historic) blog site here, one I consult often.

Robin, nice picks, I have Winners Circle because of your recommendation! Not sure it will bloom next season but will be worth the wait, love it Lovey dubby

U-turn definitely caught my eye too.

As Lucy says "a fantastic history". I'm looking forward to the next horrible weather day (indoors) for a leisurely look Hurray!
Apr 11, 2020 8:57 AM CST
Name: Lilli
Lundby, Denmark, EU
Irises Roses Bulbs Hellebores Foliage Fan Cottage Gardener
Plant Lover: Loves 'em all! Seed Starter Winter Sowing Bee Lover Dog Lover Region: Europe
Carlos Thank You! for posting so many lovely historic irises! I tip my hat to you.

I only have a few of them, but try to add more historics each year. I love them and think they should be preserved, which means someone has to grow them, right? Civil duty really... Whistling Hilarious!

I'm also in love with U-turn. Lovey dubby
Of course I talk to myself; sometimes I need expert advice!
Avatar for Deebie
Apr 11, 2020 11:40 AM CST
Name: Deborah
midstate South Carolina (Zone 8a)
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff!
Charter ATP Member Amaryllis Tropicals Plant and/or Seed Trader Seed Starter Plumerias
Plant Identifier Peonies Lilies Irises Hummingbirder Echinacea
Yes, U-Turn caught my eye, also. Lovey dubby
Thanks for the iris tour. So many I've never seen or heard of before now. They have a simple grace to themselves. nodding
Apr 11, 2020 8:11 PM CST
Name: Darrell
Piketon, Ohio (Zone 6b)
Irises Organic Gardener
I love the historics.
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