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Name: Mone
Chicago *O'Hare/Lake* (Zone 6a)
Plumerias Irises Lover of wildlife (Raccoon badge) Bee Lover Birds Hummingbirder
Lover of wildlife (Black bear badge) Dragonflies Frogs and Toads Butterflies Hibiscus Amaryllis
Apr 28, 2020 11:57 PM CST
Hurray! Hurray! Thumb of 2020-04-29/pitimpinai/47fb54 Hurray! Hurray!

Due to COVID-19, we need to make change to our plant swap this year and set the following parameters:

🌻 New location: Skokie Garden Plots Parking lot on LeClaire Ave. south of Main Street in Skokie. The garden plots are located between Main Street and Madison School.
Thumb of 2020-05-10/pitimpinai/6e4ac1

🌺 New time: 🌺 12 NOON - 2 PM 🌺

🌸 Directions to the parking lot: From Main Street, turn south on LeClaire Ave.

🌼 Pre-trades only. There will be no open swap as we have done in the past.

πŸ“Œ 10 ft. Distancing and face masks are required. These rules will be strictly enforced with a squirt gun or garden hose. Rolling on the floor laughing

🌾 Please be swift. Do not linger or enter the garden plots. We will socialize and get acquainted/reacquainted some other time, hopefully soon.

I tip my hat to you. Individual exchange & pick ups outside of the swap are encouraged and welcome.

🌺 If you ask for plants but cannot make it to the swap, please let someone know in advance to make an arrangement for the plants. It is disheartening to see good plants unclaimed and go to waste. After all, it takes time and efforts to dig up those plants for you.

Acorn Acorn Note to newbies, this is not a one for one swap, but a community sharing event. You can ask for anything posted here and/or post your wishlist even though you do not have anything to offer any particular gardener. Acorn Acorn

πŸ›πŸπŸŒ Ever since Ellen spearheaded this event 20 years ago, it has brought friends, neighbors and strangers together to share their passion and joy. We would like to continue to spread the joy over and over again.πŸ›πŸ¦‹πŸž

πŸ†πŸ₯‘πŸ₯¦πŸ₯¬πŸ₯’πŸŒΆ Let's grow a garden and bring joy especially during this horrible time, shall we?🌷πŸ₯€πŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸŒΌπŸŒ»
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Name: Mone
Chicago *O'Hare/Lake* (Zone 6a)
Plumerias Irises Lover of wildlife (Raccoon badge) Bee Lover Birds Hummingbirder
Lover of wildlife (Black bear badge) Dragonflies Frogs and Toads Butterflies Hibiscus Amaryllis
Apr 29, 2020 12:50 AM CST
Hurray! In order to keep the thread short, I will add requests and promises right here without starting a new post down the thread. Hurray! So, please come back to this post to see my response to your requests and/or my offers that may change over time. Hurray!
Anyone interested in pick ups from my garden may send me a tree mail or email for details.

- White Trillium
- Locust tree sapling
- Annual flowers: petunia, coleus, impatiens, etc.

βœ… PROMISED βœ…:
- 🧒 Nightflower/Maria🧒: White Bleeding-heart, Variegated Solomon's seal, Leucojum aestivum, Rudbeckia triloba, Schilla sibirica, hosta, Variegated Lunaria annua and everything in between
- 🐌 crtvdsn 🐌: Variegated Solomon's seal
- 🌷Zoomingwithjoel🌷: flowering plants, hosta
- 🌺 ShielaWilmette 🌺: Prairie Smoke- 🌻 Lynnkite 🌻: Coneflower, Rudbeckia triloba, Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm'


πŸ’–Promised to meπŸ’–
mdmgrizzlygmailcom: petunia
Sandy: petunia

I am encouraging everyone to pick up the plants from my garden before Saturday so you can plant them sooner and to help lessen my load on Saturday.
Those who already picked up the plants directly, thank you. You have helped me tremendously. I am truly grateful for your lessening my workload.

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Apr 29, 2020 1:56 AM CST
pitimpinai said: Hurray! In order to keep the thread short, I am reserving this 1st post and will update it as the season progresses. I will add requests and promises right here without starting a new post down the thread. Hurray! So, please come back to this post to see my response to your requests and/or my offer list that may change over time. Hurray!

- White Trillium

- White Bleeding-heart - a few offers
- Variegated Solomon's Seal
- Schilla sibirica - lots
- Leucojum aestivum 'Gravetye Giant'
- Rudbeckia trilba - tons
- Green & white hosta - tons
- Variegated Lunaria annua seedlings

Acorn PROMISED Acorn
- Mickey: you know what I promised you Rolling on the floor laughing Will start digging them up very soon

I would love some of each type you still have. I have a lot of space I need to fill. Thank you in advance. Maria

Name: michelle

Apr 29, 2020 4:11 AM CST
i would very much like many rudbeckia trilba. thank you,
Name: Evie Cabrera
Chicago, IL (Zone 5b)
Apr 29, 2020 9:51 AM CST
I'd love to arrange a direct pick up of any of the plants on offer, as I too have an enormous amount of space to fill.

Am particularly interested in:
**Leucojum aestivum 'Gravetye Giant'
** Rudbeckia trilba - tons
**Green & white hosta - tons
** Variegated Lunaria annua seedlings

Feel free to direct message me.
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Name: Mike
Hazel Crest, IL (Zone 5b)
"Have no patience for bare ground"
Apr 29, 2020 10:21 AM CST
Mone if you have more Rudbeckia Triloba I would like to try it.
I will add what I have to share later. Working hard right now. Rolling on the floor laughing
FYI, I have the variegated Trillium but it is purple. Some have green flowers
Thumb of 2020-04-29/Hazelcrestmikeb/b3831d

Thumb of 2020-04-29/Hazelcrestmikeb/45cf7c
"Life as short as it is, is amazing, isn't it. MichaelBurton
"Be your best you". "Mikedon" on the LA.
Name: Mone
Chicago *O'Hare/Lake* (Zone 6a)
Plumerias Irises Lover of wildlife (Raccoon badge) Bee Lover Birds Hummingbirder
Lover of wildlife (Black bear badge) Dragonflies Frogs and Toads Butterflies Hibiscus Amaryllis
Apr 29, 2020 11:04 AM CST
Hazelcrestmikeb said: if you have more Rudbeckia Triloba.......

FYI, I have the variegated Trillium but it is purple. Some have green flowers

Absolutely, Mike. You can have as many Rudbeckia as you like. I will start digging them up as soon as the rain stops.
I have that trillium with purple flower, but not the one with green flower. If you can spare one, I will appreciate it. Thanks much, Mike. πŸ™πŸ»

Apr 29, 2020 3:56 PM CST
I would love bay leaf if anyone has it. Thank you.

Apr 29, 2020 4:33 PM CST
Hi there,

I'm searching for milkweed and any sun-loving native flowers for a pollinator garden I'm planting at my daughter's school: rudbeckia, cone flowers, sunflowers, Leucojum aestivum 'Gravetye Giant'

Wish list for my own yard: periwinkle vinca, hostas, Rudbeckia, ajuga, bleeding heart, dill, Variegated Solomon's Seal, Schilla siberica, brunnera & astilbe

I have:
Yarrow with white flowers, oregano, mint, probably yellow cherry tomato plants, & lots of random seeds. As soon as they come up, I should have hundreds of extra heirloom tomato plant volunteers that I always give away to folks wanting to try.
Love this community! Thanks to the organizers!
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Name: Sandy
Chicago-Old Irving Park
Apr 29, 2020 5:25 PM CST
I have the following to offer:
Hostas (plantain lily)
Chocolate Mint
White Gooseneck
Large Composter (see image)

I am Searching For:
Tomato plants
Iris Plants
Any variety of perennials (I'm relatively new to gardening)

white goosenecks

Red Crocosmia

Large Composter

Hostas (plantain lily)
White Gooseneck
Chocolate Mint




Thumb of 2020-04-29/syhagy/be2d86

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Name: Suzy
Skokie, IL (Zone 5a)
Glad to meet you! Happy Gardening
Apr 29, 2020 6:23 PM CST
Hi, this is Suzy in SKokie,

Echinacea purpurea is what I'd like, 5 or so
White Yarrow
Tomatoes, doesn't matter what type

I have Milkweed seeds in plastic packets to share, will bring them and my mask!

If anyone is interested in coming to my yard, I do have a lot of Hosta, day lillies and fall blooming goldenrod. contact me via email
Thanks again for this opportunity
Name: Mike
Hazel Crest, IL (Zone 5b)
"Have no patience for bare ground"
Apr 29, 2020 7:18 PM CST
@Scrappysuzy1 are you daylilies named variety, Noid = no Id or seedlings?
This is what I have to share.
Green and white hosta
Green hosta
Daylilies - named variety and seedlings.
Phlox volunteers
Peony Festival Maxima
Hollyhock seedlings. Pink and a reddish variety.
Rose Of Sharon seedlings
Self seeding orange poppies. Short variety which sometimes double.
Liatris white and purple
Diamond Grass - self seeds
Perennial Geranium - purple
Lily of the valley
Hellebores seedlings
Sweet Peas - not the edible type
Orange Oriental Lily
Butterbur aka Pestasites Japonicus Variegatus
Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/390018

Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/462335

Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/acfc9b

Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/616ecb

Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/6ef715

Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/69cce7

Solidago Goldenrod
Japanese Bell Flowers - self seeds and creeps Grumbling
Aurum Italicum
Jacob Kline Monarda
Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/baf2ae

Tall yellow Daisy. I have the correct name for this one. It grows six to nine feet tall. I posted a earlier picture and the one just above this paragraph.
Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/3531c8

Pink Coneflowers
Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/4542d2

Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/ed4c16
Tall yellow Daisy growing in a twenty gallon pot

Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/571b09

Penstemon Mystica
"Life as short as it is, is amazing, isn't it. MichaelBurton
"Be your best you". "Mikedon" on the LA.

Apr 29, 2020 8:12 PM CST
Hi everyone. Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Will miss talking to all you guys. I will list all offers n requests under this post to keep it straight.

Columbine- dark pink
Tall Mums- think orange/red
Sedum Autumn Joy
Ranunculus acris 'flore Pleno'/Buttercups
Dill seedlings
Rudbeckia Yellow/brown combo
Forget me nots- blue
Yarrow-hot fuschia/pink
Phlox- color pink? Purple?
Trumpet Vine
Japanese white honeysuckle
Pachysandra-ground cover
Coreopsis yellow seedlings

Looking for:Veggies
Anything unusual

LinnealL: forget me nots, mums, columbine
FIGKERL: buttercups, pink columbine
CRTVDSN: columbine
MDMGRIZZLYGMAILCOM: columbine, buttercups, forget me nots, trumpet vine, Coraopolis seedlings
SYHAGY: Columbine
IGOFFEN: Hot pink/fuschia yarrow
JANICEM8: Coreopsis seedlings

If I am missing anybody please let me know asap. Thank you!
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Apr 29, 2020 8:13 PM CST
Hello all - hope you are staying healthy and sane. So grateful to the organizers for still finding a way for us to share from our gardens!

If you still have available, I would like some gravetye giant and Lunaria.

I would love some of the orange poppy, diamond grass and Butterbur.

I will have available:
BeeBalm- red
Lily of the Valley
Bellflower - lavender - I'm not sure the best way to dig this up. I got it last year and it spread like crazy. Any suggestions on how to divide would be greatly appreciate!
Name: Lin
NW Chicago suburbs (Zone 5b)
Apr 29, 2020 10:39 PM CST
Oh, yay! There will be a swap after all! I'm so happy!

Now that I know, I may be able to add more to my thread once I can get out there after today's heavy rains. Some of these are not up yet.

My offers:

New England Asters, NOID. Will be either Magenta (Alma Potscke) or purple. Have both small clumps and seedlings.
Black Eyed Susan ALL CLAIMED NOW as of May 11.
Perilla – the purple kind - once it sprouts. This is technically an herb but I use it like coleus. A colorful, fast growing filler. HAS NOT APPEARED YET
Lily of the Valley
Eupatorium "chocolate"
Eupatorium : plain light green leaves. Flowers are still white
Rudbeckia Laciniata Hortensia : TALL, double yellow, fall blooming
Anemone Robustissima
Lunaria, variegated, with crisp white edge on leaves, deep maroon flowers (biennial), SEEDS collected last year: They are easily grown from seed.
Phlox, unknown colored seedlings
Autumn Joy sedum, potted cuttings
Scilla: the standard blue. Finished blooming but will be great next year.
Big root geranium (Geranium Macrorrhizum), pink.
Virginia Bluebell seedlings : ALL OUT as of May 6.

ADDITION to my offers: anyone need any empty plastic nursery pots? I have a lot of 2 liter pots in particular; some black, some orange, some with logos. Have some slightly bigger pots, and some smaller, down to 4" in size. Also some empty hanging baskets. Let me know! CONTAINERS ALL CLAIMED except for empty hanging baskets.

Wish list:

Pulmonaria – have decided to start a new bed with this
Aquilegia canadensis: native columbine
Woodland plants, but not ferns
Native ginger, asarum canadense
European ginger, groundcover
Blood root
Anemone - white. The spring blooming, short one
Red, orange, or brown irises
Primulas: any color except short magenta

Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes preferred. Hanging basket type too if anyone is growing this.
Strawberry plants
Groundcover plants for shade like purple/bronze ajuga, European ginger


HERE IS WHAT I AM BRINGING FOR PEOPLE so far: please let me know if I have missed anyone.

syhagy Scilla and Black Eyed Susan.

mdmgrizzlygmailcom : Black Eyed Susan, Rudbeckia Laciniata Hortensia, Virginia Bluebell seedlings, empty containers

EvieCabrera : New England Asters, Black Eyed Susan, Eupatorium "chocolate", Rudbeckia Laciniata Hortensia, Lunaria seeds, Virginia Bluebell seedlings.

lgoffen : Anemone Robustissima

jqsen : jade cuttings potted together LATER PICKUP

figkerl : Virginia Bluebells

EMathews : Scilla, Geranium Macrorrhizum

Evanston Newb : Geranium Macrorrhizum

oerickson: containers suitable for hostas

pitimpinai : coleus cuttings

Seedrat: Coleus cuttings

Rolrod : 3 chocolate eupatorium

tini7777 : New England Asters

Bethtrees: empty containers


Hazelcrest Mike: Aurum Italicum, orange poppy, Hollyhocks. Sweet Peas

CRTVSN: Ajuga, balloon flower

SheilaWilmette: pink astilbe, purple iris

figkerl : white phlox, yellow daffodils with short orange-edged cup.

matriarka : golden pothos cuttings and African violet

Michael2R : Japanese iris

Pepperlove : Habanera pepper, purple basil

Happygardener : Lemon Balm

RolRod: Columbine

"There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments."
β€” Janet Kilburn Phillips
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Name: Fern
(Zone 5b)
Apr 30, 2020 8:10 AM CST
Hi all,

I'm looking for one green and yellow hosta.

I have:
red monarda
lily turf
Balloon Flower
American Jumpseed - this loves the shade and has green leaves with a red varigation. It gets crimson red seeds in the fall on a long shoot. Self seeds easily. Seedlings are easily pulled if you don't want them
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Apr 30, 2020 9:00 AM CST
I would love the Yarrow - hot pink

I would love the Anemone Robustissima

Hazelcrest Mike
Delete the Diamond grass and instead would love the Penstemon Mystica

Thank you all!

I will also have Ostrich Fern

Apr 30, 2020 9:42 AM CST
Hello fellow swappers!
Thumb of 2020-04-30/SheilaWilmette/f7d709
Will be happy to provide any of the flowers in this photo including Phlox, Astilbe, Bee Balm, Wild Geranium. Also have lots of Autumn Joy Sedum and purple Irises.

Thumb of 2020-04-30/SheilaWilmette/4b0cbf

Looking for shorter perennials (under 12") for sun and any interesting hostas (varigated)
Thanks! Thank You!

Apr 30, 2020 10:15 AM CST
I'd like to pick up some flowering plants as well as hastas

Apr 30, 2020 11:54 AM CST
HI all! Thank you for including me, as always. I bought a lot of perennial seeds but didn't get a chance to start them. Going to direct sow and let you all know how it goes. Maybe next year I'll have fun stuff to donate.

I'm just going to lurk here at all the wants and gives and enjoy the photos! =)

Hope everyone is safe and healthy!


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