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Name: Beth
Glenview area
May 9, 2020 1:38 PM CST
Hi this is Beth; I've been going to the plant swap for the last 5 years or so. I have a LOT of perennials to offer. I live in Glenview area and can arrange for drop off or pick up if you are in a nearby suburb (like Skokie, Morton Grove, Evanston).

My wish list is only (so far): about 15 to 20 heirloom tomato seedlings (of different varieties) from Ellen (and maybe 5 bell pepper plants). If you have enough. (I can pick them up during the week after Mom's Day if you like) - Also I am interested in any empty plastic pots - someone up the chain offered some. And maybe that tall yellow daisy plant.

My offerings are: [note: number in parentheses ( ) is quantity of pots I have of each plant type (some are large pots and some are small pots)]

May Apples (5)
Lysimachia ciliate "Purpurea" (Purple Fringed Loosestrife) - has purple leaves, grows to about 3 feet tall; has yellow flowers in early to mid-Summer (16)
Purple Iris (medium height, narrow leaves) (11) [I believe this must be Siberian Iris]
Orange DayLily (tall) (5)
Phlox (pink or purple, not sure) (12)
Obedient Plant (lavender flowers; about 3 feet tall; spreads easily and loves swampy area of my yard)
Aster (8)
Locust Tree sapling (1)
Tall yellow iris (wide leaf) (5) [ I think this must be bearded iris]
Sedum (medium tall, 2 to 3" dia. flowers) - (2)
Bee Balm (red) (4)
Columbine (5)
Yucca (3)
Coreopsis (4)
Sun Drops (14)
Bloody Dock (6)
Common Daisy (38 small plants)
Rain Lily - lots and lots - these are bulbs, that grow grass-like leaves in the early spring, then flower (small white star-shaped flowers) in late spring, and then the leaves wither and disappear entirely by mid-summer

NW Indiana (Zone 6a)
May 9, 2020 8:34 PM CST

Hi Bethtrees! Mone/Pitimpinai really wants a locust seedling. Thanks
NW Indiana (Zone 6a)
May 9, 2020 9:33 PM CST
Hi everyone, I'm so glad many people have come here for the first time. We've always loved knowing which plants we definitely should dig up for the swap.

I'm making the list for OErickson. If you have asked for tomatoes, cukes, sweet peppers or zucchini you're most likely getting from her and not other swappers. For my sake please specify how many of each plant is ideal and how flexible you are on color. For those who did that, thank you!

These are plants that I can bring. I don't take requests super close to the swap, I can't say which day the cutoff will be but I will tell you "sorry no" at some point Smiling

Phlox prob pink, could be lav or white
Feverfew flowers unknown, I have diff kinds in the yard

Cup plant silphium--very tall
Native wild ginger
Penstemon husker's red
Nodding onion
Jewelweed seedlings. This is an annual impatien
s with orange flowers, a prolific reseeder.

Mint: chocolate
Mint: lavender scented
Walking onions
Sweet basil seedlings
Maybe some peppers, maybe they're medium heat?? No promises yet, I have to see how they survive potting up then I will update. THAT may be last minute :D

Siberian iris standard purple
Shasta becky
Foxglove Howard Castle pink

Oak tree seedling (2 feet high, I think I can dig it out)

Peperomia plain green. Cuttings

Also if anyone wants sourdough starter and instructions, I should be able to hook up several people if I'm given enough time to expand the starter. It's super easy, no-knead bread.

Purple coneflower
White coneflower
Recent carrot seed
coleus cuttings, esp. Red or chartreuse. Please have cuttings sitting in a jar of water
Begonias, red leaves or flowers. Cuttings are cool, and in jar of water please.

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NW Indiana (Zone 6a)
May 9, 2020 9:38 PM CST
If plants are still available I'd like to request these:

syhagy if you have Crocosmia-Red still I would appreciate some

Hollyhock seedlings. Pink and a reddish variety?

matriarka gold pothos please

hosta seedlings that look like they'll get big leaves
cool adult hosta

Thank you!
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Evanston IL (Zone 5a)
Region: Illinois
May 10, 2020 10:57 AM CST
Thank you pitimpinai for the bluebells.

Hazelcrestmike: I'd love any of the following - hosta, phlox, asters, peony, perrenial geranium, hellebore, penstemon. That's a long list and I don't know what is spoken for so just narrow it down to whatever you feel like bringing, the geranium is my most desired item.

LinneaL, SheilaWilmette, and/or dianaezerins- I'm hoping to "unlawn" and area using big root geranium/wild geranium and I'll take whatever you are offering, I don't know if any is left

oerickson - hosta seedlings if there are any left, cherry tomatoes ideally whatever variety makes the smallest tomatoes, ideally 2 or 3 plants, Perennial geranium Lily Lowell.

figkerl and/or seedrat - penstemon

bethtrees - obedient plant, bee balm, sun drops, rain Lily

Bringing bird feeder and plastic edging and eupatorium for tini7777. Tini7777 I will give all the plastic edging to you because you requested it first but if it winds up being more than you need then perhaps offer it to mdmgrizzlygmailcom

RolRod I noticed you requested eupatorium from LinneaL and I wanted to mention that I also have some if you need more

May 10, 2020 12:34 PM CST
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Name: Sen

May 10, 2020 12:35 PM CST
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful
Ladies in this group of gardeners!

Stay healthy and safe!
Sen Smiling

May 10, 2020 12:37 PM CST
Hazelcrestmikeb said:@Scrappysuzy1 are you daylilies named variety, Noid = no Id or seedlings?
This is what I have to share.
Green and white hosta
Green hosta
Daylilies - named variety and seedlings.
Phlox volunteers
Peony Festival Maxima
Hollyhock seedlings. Pink and a reddish variety.
Rose Of Sharon seedlings
Self seeding orange poppies. Short variety which sometimes double.
Liatris white and purple
Diamond Grass - self seeds
Perennial Geranium - purple
Lily of the valley
Hellebores seedlings
Sweet Peas - not the edible type
Orange Oriental Lily
Butterbur aka Pestasites Japonicus Variegatus
Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/390018

Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/462335

Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/acfc9b

Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/616ecb

Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/6ef715

Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/69cce7

Solidago Goldenrod
Japanese Bell Flowers - self seeds and creeps Grumbling
Aurum Italicum
Jacob Kline Monarda
Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/baf2ae

Tall yellow Daisy. I have the correct name for this one. It grows six to nine feet tall. I posted a earlier picture and the one just above this paragraph.
Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/3531c8

Pink Coneflowers
Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/4542d2

Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/ed4c16
Tall yellow Daisy growing in a twenty gallon pot

Thumb of 2020-04-30/Hazelcrestmikeb/571b09

Penstemon Mystica

Hi! I would love several green and white hostas, coneflowers, orange poppies, and asters.

May 10, 2020 12:39 PM CST
tini7777 said:Hi everyone. Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Will miss talking to all you guys. I will list all offers n requests under this post to keep it straight.

Columbine- dark pink
Tall Mums- think orange/red
Sedum Autumn Joy
Ranunculus acris 'flore Pleno'/Buttercups
Dill seedlings
Rudbeckia Yellow/brown combo
Forget me nots- blue
Yarrow-hot fuschia/pink
Phlox- color pink? Purple?
Trumpet Vine
Japanese white honeysuckle
Pachysandra-ground cover
Coreopsis yellow seedlings

Looking for:Veggies
Anything unusual

LinnealL: forget me nots, mums, columbine
FIGKERL: buttercups, pink columbine
CRTVDSN: columbine
MDMGRIZZLYGMAILCOM: columbine, buttercups, forget me nots, trumpet vine, Coraopolis seedlings
SYHAGY: Columbine
IGOFFEN: Hot pink/fuschia yarrow
JANICEM8: Coreopsis seedlings

If I am missing anybody please let me know asap. Thank you!

Hi! I would like the pachysandra, tall mums, Japanese honeysuckle and dill seedlings!

May 10, 2020 12:45 PM CST
oerickson said:Good, you guys have been busy!
We are still working on logistics how to exchange on the parking lot without creating group gathering, stay tuned.
I will update this post as we go along and I see what is what in my garden. From the seeds I have grown white lobelia, blue lobelia and heuchera villosa, purple. Heuchera is fall blooming one . Also my experiments with growing hosta from seed resulting in a lot of interesting seedlings. I absolutely can not keep them all so will be sharing some. I will attempt to post pics.
For veggies-
tomatoes- there are large pink/ red, dark and yellow category. Most of them are sweet, indet, and midseason. Most of them I have grown before and like for reliability, productivity and taste. There are about 30-40 varieties this year.


Sweet aperitif
Iva red berry
Rev Mike Keyes
Orange paruche
Black cherry
Black plum
Dr Carolyn
If you requesting tomatoes, please give me general idea how many of which and color. I am happy to bring it to the swap.

Alternatively somewhere after Mother's day weather permitting I should have them avail as a curbsite pick up.

Will also have sweet pepper, non bell mostly, about 4-5 varieties.
Cucumber Wisconsin pickle.
Some Italian varieties of zucchini that I usually have, like Striato D'Italia kind.
Sweet basil.
You can send me tree- mail about veggies and whether you want me to bring them to the swap or you will stop by and pick yourself.

From my garden

winter aconite, ephemeral
corydalis solida- ephemeral
Corydalis ochotensis raddeana, fall blooming, reseeds, annual in my garden.
Pulmonaria officinalis
Epimedium likely rubrum and sulphureum
Seeds for arisaema/ jack in pulpit, maybe seedlings if they show up early enough
Rudbeckia fulgida, not sure on ID as it came from swap but blooms for 6 weeks straight.
fall aconitum, carmichaelii
Impatient balfouri, annual reseeds freely
Impatient glandulifera, various colors/ comes pink white or dark/ , tall 6 ft reseeds.
Now I have a way of growing them and totally love them but those impatients do reseed well. Bees LOVE them.
ornamental onions, purple
Perennial geranium Lily Lowell, dark flower. It does reseed gently so I usually have few clumps to share every year.
Few mature clumps of hosta, named varieties but lost ID.

I will update my post as we go along.

wide pots. Does not have to be fancy, plastic, clay, all sizes except very small. I collect hostas and they like them best.

Hi! We would like 4 large red tomatoes, sweet basil, Wisconsin cucumber, zucchini, ornamental onions, and any large-leaved hostas. Thank you!
Name: Sandy
Chicago-Old Irving Park
May 10, 2020 1:48 PM CST
lynnkendall said:Offering:

Bearded Iris, "Wabash"

Grin Hi lynnkendall,

I would appreciate some of your Bearded Iris if it is still available!

Rolling my eyes.

Thumb of 2020-05-02/lynnkendall/b5f104

Name: Sandy
Chicago-Old Irving Park
May 10, 2020 2:07 PM CST
Hi EvanstonNewb,

I would love some of your eupototium!

Thank you!



Red Crocosmia

Large Composter

Hostas (plantain lily)
White Gooseneck
Chocolate Mint





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Name: Lin
NW Chicago suburbs (Zone 5b)
May 11, 2020 11:27 AM CST

What color or type are your coreopsis? And are they lance leaf or threadleaf?

Rain Lily - Are these suitable for an area of the yard that floods? With the recent pattern of heavy rains I am having trouble getting anything to grow in the lowest part that drains to the storm sewer.

"There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments."
— Janet Kilburn Phillips
Name: Mone
Chicago *O'Hare/Lake* (Zone 6a)
Plumerias Irises Lover of wildlife (Raccoon badge) Bee Lover Birds Hummingbirder
Lover of wildlife (Black bear badge) Dragonflies Frogs and Toads Butterflies Hibiscus Amaryllis
May 11, 2020 5:28 PM CST
Hi Beth, Welcome!
Thank you for participating in the swap again.

I will bring you some plastic pots.
I would love the locust tree sapling, please.
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Chicago, IL 60660 (Zone 5b)
May 11, 2020 7:03 PM CST
Hi all. Sorry I'm late to the thread.

My community garden closed and now I don't have any outdoor space. :-(

I don't drive, so I'd prefer that if someone has something they can give or take from me, that they please meet me in Edgewater (60660), which is the Chicago neighborhood I live in. It's south of Evanston.

Looking for:
Succulents/Cacti that aren't the ones people already posted
Grow lights
2" - 3.5" pots , the more, the better

- Hardneck garlic I harvested in early November that has been sitting on a shelf in my living room. Some of it is starting to grow and would likely be better for planting than eating at this point. However, I don't have anywhere to plant it.
- If you're able to meet me outside my building to give me items, I will find a houseplant I can give you as a trade. It'll likely be a variegated Opuntia pad, an unhappy African violet, or sundew (Drosera capensis 'Typical') seedlings.


Seeking: cacti/succulents; Tillandsia; bonsai; carnivorous plants
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Name: Ellen
Chicagoland, north suburbs (Zone 5b)
May 11, 2020 9:46 PM CST
additionally offered/ not mine/
fall blooming clematis
elderberry seedlings

May 11, 2020 10:02 PM CST
Hi all,
I have been to the swap for a few years but this is the first time I have used this thread.

Here is what I have to share:
Cat Mint
Columbines - pink
japanese iris

Wish LIst:

I would love some cherry tomato seedlings.
If they are available I would like 2 Sungold, 2 Sweet aperitif, 2 Orange paruche, 2 Black cherry, 2 Black plum, 2 Dr Carolyn and 2 Esterina.

I am not sure what hostas you are growing but I am interested in blue or variegated yellow hostas if you have some as well as some fall aconitum, carmichaelii.

Also, 2 Cucumber Wisconsin pickle and 2 Italian zucchini

Thanks for being so generous! Thank You!

Bearded Iris would be great if you still have some.

I would love some diamond grass.

May 11, 2020 10:35 PM CST
I won't be able to attend the swap this year, but I will be dropping off plants with Ellen on Friday. Please let me know if you want any of the following:

Lemon balm
Celandine poppy

On the off chance than anyone else is dropping plants off at Ellen's early or is willing to have me come a reasonable distance for a porch pickup, I'm especially looking for:

veggies/edibles-almost anything. (I have most herbs, except I need rosemary and sweet/Italian basil)
wild black raspberries (a longshot, I know)
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Name: Lin
NW Chicago suburbs (Zone 5b)
May 11, 2020 11:32 PM CST

I'd like a japanese iris. Is there anything from my offers you are interested in?


"There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments."
— Janet Kilburn Phillips
Name: Lin
NW Chicago suburbs (Zone 5b)
May 12, 2020 12:03 AM CST
Happygardener, I'd like a Lemon Balm. Thanks!
"There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments."
— Janet Kilburn Phillips

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