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May 6, 2020 3:57 PM CST
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I need help identifying some plants that I have. I have several small Cacti and an indoor plant. I want to know their classification so that I can ensure I give them the proper care they need. I do not know the classification for any of the cacti pictured and would like to know about the plant on the right in the 2nd picture.

Any tips on proper soil for these plants? How often should I water? What about sun?

Also I have a Fiddle Leaf Fig and need some tips on keep it alive and providing it good care too. If anyone could help me out that would be great.

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May 6, 2020 5:54 PM CST
Name: John
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Welcome! to the forum Rene!

These are all brand new plants for you, aren't they? Try not to get too worried about what they do just yet. Mostly just enjoy their beauty.

In the "cactus" pot you have a Cereus type with 2 big flowers, a Peanut cactus with red flowers that are not it's own, and a Spiderweb hen and chicks. They all like a gritty cactus potting soil and to be kept fairly dry in very strong light.

The 2nd plant with the fig is a bromeliad, probably a Guzmania. It is already in the perfect size pot and probably the correct soil. Bromeliads absorb water through their leaves, the roots are just for holding them in place. When you water it , put the water in the center of the leaves and it will fill it like a pool— this is where the absorbing takes place. Water again when there is no water in the cup and the soil is dry to a depth of 1". When it is done blooming, cut off the flower as low as you can. A new shoot will sprout from the bottom of the plant.

The fig looks great and does not need anything done to the soil. It won't need to be repotted for several years and then you can use a regular houseplant soil. It will grow in anything other than very dark areas or in a very hot window and would like to be kept moist but allowed to dry out to about 2 inches down before you water again.

Happy plant parenting! Hurray!
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May 7, 2020 10:00 AM CST
Name: Will Creed
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Keep your Fiddle-leafed Fig in a sunny location so it gets some direct sun each day. Water it thoroughly as soon as the surface of the soil feels dry. Don't worry about overwatering it. It won't need a bigger pot until it needs a thorough watering more than twice a week.

When Guzmanias are potted up they get their water through their roots not through their leaves as they do in nature. It is best to leave the cups formed by the leaves dry, but do pay close attention to watering the soil when the top half to 3/4 of an inch of soil feels dry. Then water it thoroughly. Keep your Guzmania in a moderately bright location but it does not need any direct sunlight. It will stay in that same pot indefinitely. The flower normally lasts for 3-5 months before slowly fading as new baby plants emerge at its base.
Will Creed
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